Museveni to create “village anti-corruption unit” in State House

(Last Updated On: 11 April 2023)

At least five agencies already exist to investigate, prosecute or recommend for both, any corrupt civil or private personnel alleged to have committed the crime.

Among these agencies are the Police, IGG, and State House Ant-Corruption Unit, to mention but a few.

Currently, the State House Ant-corruption Unit has taken over what national police investigators were meant to do. However, it is worth noting that some of the Unit’s investigators are police detectives attached to it.

Over the past years, the Unit has arrested and prosecuted dozens of civil servants, including the most recent key individual, Mary Goretti Kitutu, the Karamoja Affairs Minister.

Kitutu is a ring leader in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal and now facing trials. She is yet to plead guilty.

In his social media engagements with “Ugandans” on Twitter, Museveni said, “The mabaati story was the work of the whistle-blowers and the State House Anti-corruption Unit. I am considering another Anti-corruption Unit in the State House to only deal with Village issues.  The present one has got involved, positively, in broader issues.”

“The issue of corruption is a “musota muntamu” – the removing of the snake from the clay cooking pot without breaking the pot. The NRM has handled bigger issues.  That is why Uganda no longer has a refugee problem,” he added.

“Everybody knows that he cannot be falsely accused and even the ones, who are accused, are safe in custody. Therefore, some Game Wardens have failed themselves and become poachers, but the system is working.  All these layers – District Councils, Parliament, Resistance Councils (LCs), and Public Barazas, were put there deliberately by us on account of what we have been witnessing since the colonial times – officials betraying the People.  If one layer does not work, the other one will.”

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