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Parishioner of Good Friday Lira-Kamdini road crash has her foot amputated

(Last Updated On: 10 April 2023)

During the ecumenical service to exult the Way of the Cross on Good Friday, April 7, 2023, a parishioner and single mother of two saw her right foot badly crushed.

Later identified as Lucy Ekit, the woman met the tragedy at Odokomit roundabout along the Lira-Kamdini highway at around 12:25 pm and was immediately transported to Lira Regional Referral Hospital for medical support.

Ekit is a parishioner of St. Michael Church of Uganda and resident of Kirombe Cell in Lira City West Division, Tonny Oola, the first responder who took her for medical attention told TND News.

Narrating how Ekit’s foot was smashed, Oola, also an eyewitness, said, “People were so crowded and she was moving in front of the motor vehicle carrying the public address system but later her sandal slid off her foot.”

“She pushed her right leg to salvage her sandal unfortunately the vehicle’s front tyre came in contact with her right leg, subsequently smashing it,” he added.

TND News understands that, unfortunately, Ekit’s foot was amputated on Friday at around 4 pm. Oola who has constantly been checking on her, confirms the amputation.

In a statement issued on Saturday, North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson SP Patrick Jimmy Okema said the traffic police at Lira CPS Lira City had started investigating a serious road crash that occurred on April 7, 2023, at Odokomit roundabout along Lira-Kamdini highway.

“…this follows the program for the Way of the Cross being conducted by joint religious denomination in Lira City…” SP Okema said.

Okema identified the motor vehicle as a Fuso fighter white in color with registration number UBG 583E which was being driven by yet to be identified driver.

The vehicle was carrying a public address system used by the congregation, he said.

“It is alleged the motor vehicle stepped on the foot of the identified female adult pedestrian and shattered her foot and was quickly rushed to Lira Referral Hospital for treatment.”

“It’s such a very unfortunate incident as we mourn the suffering and death of Jesus Christ,” Okema on Saturday.

Diocese speaks

Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok, in an interview with the press on Friday at the Ordination Ground hours after the Way of the Cross, was completed said, “It’s unfortunate this (crash) has happened, you have seen the jester in the crowd: they have put something, we shall go and see this lady since the motor vehicle crushed her foot completely.”

About the road crash, the Bishop added that the Cross teaches us to discipline adding, “Without discipline, one cannot be a follower of Christ and the world is being called to be disciplined so that we can respect each other and that is what is called human rights.”

“With human rights, you have to make sure you protect your fellow not to fall in trouble. So, some discipline is required. Our City still needs discipline, when we see a crowd moving you are not supposed to drive or ride like that or force yourself into the crowd so that is what has happened, it’s unfortunate, and we regret it; our sister is going to lose the foot,” said Bishop Wanok.

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This year’s Way of the Cross was led by Lira Catholic Diocese and included joint denominational parishioners of Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Orthodox.

Lucy Ekit whose foot is now amputated is a food vendor at the gate of Mentor SS in Lira City West Division.


According to Uganda Police’s Annual Crimes and Road Safety Report of 2022, there was a 16.9% increase in road crashes in 2022.

road crash

Per the same report, 20,394 total cases of road crashes were registered compared to 17,443 in 2021. 4,534 died in 2022 traffic crashes while 15,227 got serious injuries, the 2022 Police report indicated.

In the same year, 1712 got minor injuries.

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