Opinion: There are three basic characteristics of Museveni’s government

Last Updated on: 10th April 2023, 04:18 pm

According to Daniel Omara Atubo, former Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development who served until May 27, 2011, President Yoweri Museveni’s government has three basic characteristics.

He cited violence, corruption, and State capture/Overstay in power. Below is his opinion.

The Bible, science, and logic teach us that you reap what you sow/plant.

If you plant mangoes, you cannot expect to reap oranges.

Black parents will produce a black child.

A black father and a white mother will produce a “coloured” child.

Museveni came to power through violence/war. It has continued to retain power through violence, war, suppressing any form of competition, and abuse of human rights and freedoms.

The basic tenets of democracy are freedom, fairness, transparency, non-violence, competition, and supremacy of the will of the people.

If a leader wins elections by corrupt means such as rigging and bribery, such a leader is inherently corrupt and cannot fight corruption.

A devil cannot fight evil.

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Good Ugandans should know the true nature of Museveni’s government and expect nothing good out of it.

Regular change of government is a good cleansing process.

When leaders know when and how to leave power democratically, they will behave and be accountable. The fear of what will happen when I leave power will make that leader rule well.

However, when a corrupt authoritarian leader clings to power and even prepares his son to succeed him, such a leader cannot honestly fight corruption.

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