Otuke County MP “angry” with many political forces jostling for power

(Last Updated On: 9 April 2023)

Uganda will have another general election in 2026 per the country’s Constitution.

Those eligible to vote will either elect new leaders to replace the current representatives or renew the mandates of those they elected in 2021.

With three years left to 2026, some political hopefuls, both for the presidency, Members of Parliament, and local councils have started canvassing for votes. This exercise is getting many concerned as the populations still need better services from the current leaders and government.

The Member of Parliament of Otuke County in Otuke district, Paul Omara is angry with many political forces already jostling for power. Here is what he said:

“There are many political forces jostling for power come 2026 and yet we are just in the second year of the elected term of NRM government and there is so much to do in terms of manifesto implementation.  Kampala Roads have collapsed. The worst in the region.”

“The people of Uganda want service delivery, not politicking. Better roads, health care, schools, fair and equitable tax policies, administration of justice, and fight against corruption among others. Any other thing is diversionary,” he added.

State of service delivery in Uganda

According to the Compendium of Local Government Service Delivery Standards of September 2021, “It’s an extraction of relevant aspects from the main sector compendium of service delivery for services offered both at the central and local government level.”

The compendium targets the following sectors: works and transport, health, education; trade and industry, social development, water, and environment, among others. Click here to read more.

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