North Karamoja Diocese, Abim district hold talks to improve church projects

(Last Updated On: 6 April 2023)

North Karamoja diocese is seeking collaboration with Abim district local government to improve the diocesan projects in the district.

Under the Church of Uganda, the diocese has notable projects mentioned by its official, among them church-founded schools, health centers, and other development arms.

In a meeting between the leadership of the diocese and the district held in the council hall of Abim located in Abuk town council, Simon Peter Ijala, the diocesan secretary appealed to the district leadership to improve the structures and staffing in the church-founded schools.

Ijala also wants the district leadership to coordinate with the diocese during transfers in the church-founded schools and health centers.

The diocese also implored Abim to absorb clergy who qualify for other positions in the district, among other requests.

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Rt. Rev Simon Akol Aisu, the Bishop of the North Karamoja diocese while speaking, suggested that the church and the district should jointly lobby for the development of church-founded facilities to serve people better.

Charles Omugetum, the principal assistant secretary who was representing CAO in the meeting, welcomed the ideas, saying the district will foster coordination with the church before effecting transfers in church-founded facilities.

Mageret Abwoch who was in for the LC 5 chairperson said the meeting was timely because it has come at a time when the council is discussing how to address similar issues.

James Shilaku, the Abim RDC asked the diocese to write and highlight all the gaps they have identified and the district will respond positively.

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