Easter message: “Lies and propaganda now a key component of our national culture,” says UPC

(Last Updated On: 5 April 2023)

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has sent its Easter message to all Ugandans, calling for forgiveness among citizens.

The party spokesperson Arach Oyat Sharon, in a message, says the Easter season is a period of hope that opens our eyes to some hard facts of our day-to-day lives in our societies.

Easter celebrations start on April 7, with Good Friday, and will end on Easter Monday, April 10.

“UPC calls upon all people in the Christian community to use this great opportunity that Easter offers to reflect on our challenges, forgive one another, renew the faith, and ensure commitment to Christianity and its principles,” says Oyat, Wednesday.

She added that the Easter season is “a period of hope that opens our eyes to some hard facts of our day-to-day lives in our societies”. “The levels of trust and truth-telling are declining. Lies and propaganda are now forming a key component of our national culture.”

The above practices, she says, are not at all any different from the betrayal of our Lord Jesus Christ who was sold off by one of his trusted disciples, Judas Iscariot to Pontius Pilate.

“Our Lord, Jesus Christ prophesied that ugly act which indeed, came to pass. However, He forgave them of their deeds and instead sacrificed for our sins! This great experience offers us lessons that we ought to reflect on.”

“This experience indeed inspired, our global Icon Nelson Mandela of South Africa to forgive all those who wronged him when he was in prison cells for 27 years. He was very clear that if he did not forgive his enemies, the experience of the prison and torture shall continue to haunt him.”

“We need to deepen the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness as are vital for healing our societies which helps in the processes of nation building.”

As UPC, and based on such practical experiences, Oyat tells Ugandans who believed in Jesus Christ that they will continue to commit themselves to constructive engagements and dialogue processes across the political divide in the national interest of “our motherland” Uganda and her people regardless of what we have gone through in the past.

This country needs forgiveness, reconciliation and cherish peace for national development, according to her, adding that in the same vein, leaders and civil servants at all levels of administration are urged to be faithful in the execution of their duties, serve diligently and fight any partners of corruption that are affecting quality service delivery and ruining national development in our country.

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“The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday gives us living hope in whatever we do that things can positively change and we, therefore need to be faithful and soldier on regardless of the challenges at hand.”

UPC calls upon Christians to have a deeper reflection on Easter celebrations and come out rejuvenated, much better, and ready to forge ahead with our day-to-day challenges. The Party wishes all Christians in Uganda and worldwide a happy Easter holiday.

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