Inside Lufafa, Zijjan’s escalating beef as Speaker Among heads to Jinja in May

Last Updated on: 5th April 2023, 12:08 pm

The oft-quoted Scriptural verse, “…what God has joined together, let no man separate…” is picked from St Mark 10:9 and seems to apply only to couples tying a knot in a Church, but has no place in business or politics, whose players always read from different texts.

In politics, they prefer the phrase, “…no permanent enemies or friends” meaning any time former friends can become antagonistic while former foes can end up smiling together.

This is exactly what is happening between the MP of Butembe David Livingstone Zijjan and the former MP of the same area Nelson Lufafa.

Lufafa was the MP of Butembe in the 10th Parliament which covered the former Mafubira and Busede sub-counties and Bugembe and Kakira town councils.

Kakira town council is home to Kakira Sugar Ltd, the largest sugar factory in East Africa and owned by the Madhavani Group of Companies.

When Jinja Municipality became a city, the Electoral Commission reorganized the constituencies with the current Butembe having only two sub-counties: Busede sub-county and Kakira town council.

Jinja North now has Bugembe, Mafubira, and Budondo as a constituency being represented by FDC’s David Isabirye aka Aga who defeated Lufafa in the 2021 polls.

According to the information available, Zijjan and his friend-turned-foe Lufafa are busy tearing each other apart with rare adjectives as if they have never dined together.

The first bullet to the now fully blown up war which has dominated debates on social media platforms and local radio stations in Busoga was fired by Lufafa who berated Zijjan for allegedly being a non-performer.

“…if you cannot manage two sub-counties with sugar cane, can you manage three sub-counties with people…?” Lufafa posted on his official Facebook page an apparent attack on Zijjan.

Zijjan wasted no time and hit back saying, “…a certain mammal that killed a person is being provocative,” before switching to Lusoga, asking his colleague to allow peaceful co-existence.

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“…Uganda is big enough for all of us, he is an honorable member, just like I am, he was a pastor, I am a pastor…, he is a social scientist, I am a lawyer, he is rich, I am not starving, he is a musoga, I am also a musoga, he is a citizen of Jinja like I am… I don’t see the reason he makes such against me…” Zijjan said in an audio recording that has gone viral.

He confirmed having an interest to contest in Jinja North when the time comes but quickly added that Lufafa should not be the one to complain because he is not the area MP.

“…why waste a lot of negative energy, there is freedom and democracy in Uganda, so when the time comes we all present ourselves to the people who will decide through the ballot, otherwise these hullabaloos are uncalled for…” he said.

The feud, 2026?

Reports emerging say Lufafa is not comfortable with a move by Zijjan to relocate and contest in Jinja North in 2026.

“…they are chasing you everywhere you go because you are not focused or known because you have no historical claim as a resident or a born of the constituency, why are you confusing the people…?” Lufafa said in a rhetorical tone.

Lufafa said much as he does not agree politically with the incumbent MP of Jinja North, Zijjan and others should give Isabirye time to complete his five-year term as opposed to confusing the electorate.

Almeca Hospital

The private health facility located in Kyamagwa, Mafubira Ward was started by Lufafa who used it to win the hearts of residents in the 2016 general elections.

It has always been Lufafa’s trademark of philanthropy, but as fate would have it, the facility started limping financially since most voters wanted free services yet the cost of maintenance remains high.

Reports say Lufafa was forced to put up Almeca on the market for sale which was quickly taken up by Zijjan using his company, Glenz Group Uganda Ltd.

Zijjan reportedly floated another director to seal the deal at shs1.6Bb witnessed by Jinja-based lawyer Steven Muzusa which makes Almeca, now renamed Glenz Dignity Hospital, his property.

He explains the hospital is to bring dignity to the people of Busoga in general and the constituency in particular, saying health is wealth so that locals can engage in meaningful wealth-creation activities.

Currently, the hospital is closed to the public to allow full renovation ahead of the grand launch ceremony to be presided over by the Speaker of Parliament Anita Annette Among on May 6, 2023.

All MPs from Busoga and beyond plus dignitaries from the central government (Ministry of Health), local government, and Busoga Kingdom officials are expected to attend.

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