Brief about Uganda Baati, a leading manufacture of iron sheets since 1964

(Last Updated On: 1 April 2023)

Founded in 1964 – Uganda Baati is the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing sheets and has the widest range of roofing products in galvanized, aluminum-zinc coated, and pre-painted material. 

Uganda Baati Limited (UBL) is a specialist in providing customized roofing solutions. In Uganda, UBL was the first to introduce the ZincAL coating technology for all its roofing sheets to give the consumer the benefit of the product.

With a coating of Aluminium-Zinc over ordinary steel, this technology provides for longer service life and extends the durability of modern coated steel.

It should also be noted that all pre-painted roofing sheets from Uganda Baati are also made with a ZincAL base and then pre-painted with a double coat of color using the Optima Plus double coat colour.

By Ian Rumanyika, Head of External and Corporate Affairs, UBL.

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