Anita Johansen appointed new CEO of Probi

(Last Updated On: 30 March 2023)

The Board of Directors of Probi has appointed Anita Johansen as new Chief Executive Officer of Probi effective April 1st, 2023.


Anita Johansen has been employed with Probi since April 2022 as the Vice President of R&D and in the role as interim CEO since December 2022.

Anita has more than 20 years of leadership experience from global consumer healthcare companies and an extensive experience with product development of nutritional and probiotic products. Prior to joining Probi she held senior leadership positions in Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Novozymes OneHealth and USP Zdrowie.

Anita holds a master’s degree in pharmacy and a PhD in pharmaceutical technology, both from the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (now University of Copenhagen) in Denmark.

“I am confident that Anita Johansen with her proven leadership skills, solid scientific and probiotic experience as well as her strong business acumen will be able to lead and support the Probi team and further strengthen the pace of innovation and manufacturing excellence and bring the company back on a profitable growth trajectory,” says Chairman of the Board Jean-Yves Parisot.

“I am honored and delighted to accept the opportunity to become Chief Executive Officer of Probi. During my previous 12 months in Probi I have become only more convinced of the fundamental strengths and the clear growth potential of our company, and I will be focused on working with the entire Probi team to deliver improved business results,” says Anita.

She added: “I share the same passion for people and probiotics as my predecessors, and I look forward to continuing in the same spirit as the probiotic pioneers of Probi.”

Probi® is a global Group that focuses exclusively on research, manufacturing and delivery of probiotics in dietary supplements and food.

The company has expertise in managing live bacteria from research through all stages of the manufacturing process and is dedicated to making the health-promoting benefits of probiotics available to people around the world.

By Jean-Yves Parisot, Probi.

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