24 February 2024


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Lira City leaders urge women in leadership to be role models, tech savvy

Lira City women (leaders) have expressed fears about street goons robbing them, and men who sexually harass them.

Lira City East Div. MP James Akena attends the Women's Day celebrations of Lira City on March 17, 2023. Photo by Nancy Atim.

Last Updated on: 20th March 2023, 01:39 pm

Lira City on Friday, March 17, 2023, held its belated Women’s Day celebration with key guests hailing women for taking up leadership positions.

Dina Bua, the chairperson of the women’s council in Lira City highlighted several challenges women are still encountering to date. 

According to her, they are facing continuous negligence of responsibilities by their men. 

Bua has now appealed for more allocation of leadership positions for women to enhance gender equality in the country. She challenged all the women to form small groups so that they can easily access government programs, like the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga to effectively improve and boost their livelihoods.

She, however, noted the security gaps in curbing crimes as a result of infiltration of the “street goons” in different hot spots within Lira City that are posing a great threat to their lives. 

The street goons, she said are stealing from them in the night, and sexually harassing them, among other crimes. She is calling upon the government to establish a remand home in Lango sub-region to aid in accommodating and rehabilitating them once arrested. 

Mayor of Lira City Council, Sam Atul emphasized the need for Lira City council to implement a by-law to help keep children, especially the girl child in school and also address issues that might affect their success in academics. 

Atul cited body hygiene and food, among others. 

He also expressed happiness for women who have taken up leadership positions in the region, adding that they should continue being good mentors and role models to future nation-builders.

Atul, however, challenged the women to utilize digital marketing platforms on their phones to boost the growth of their businesses instead of wasting their precious time on non-profitable things while on phone. 

Lira City East Division MP, Jimmy James M. Akena was the Chief Guest who noted that proper skills and knowledge will empower women to embrace digital and technological evolutions to help them attain equality, calling for more effort in the struggle for gender equality.

“As a country, we cannot move ahead with one strong leg and one weak leg and therefore for the women call, the men must join the race,” said Akena.

Akena, who doubles as the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party president noted how shameful men are harassing women in all aspects, calling upon the police force to act fast.

“Relieve the women of these issues, those who are causing violence against women should be dealt with legally,” Akena added. 

The Resident City Commissioner of Lira Lawrence Egole said that despite women’s emancipation, a few women still encounter challenges that need to be addressed to help pave way for more women to take up leadership positions in the digital world.

According to Egole, this can be achieved through streamlined education and proper training with the required skills and knowledge. 

Uganda held the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8 in the western district of Kiruhura under the theme “Digital innovation and technology.” 

By Nancy Atim 

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