UPC in preparations for the party’s national council meeting – says Akena

(Last Updated On: 17 March 2023)

At a press conference on March 15, 2023, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party president James Akena was joined by other party leaders and managers as the party marked 63rd years of existence.

Akena, among other things said the party is in the final stages of its preparations for keeping up its national council (NC) whereby members are expected to debate and come up with workable propositions to tackle the underlying reasons for youth unemployment and underemployment. 

The forthcoming event, he said will also look into labour export, food security; Uganda’s comparative advantage in agriculture amongst others. 

The above, Akena, also the MP of Lira City East Division said are in line with the UPC Constitutional provision Article 2.2.5. 

The article reads: “To plan Uganda’s economic development is such a way that the public sector, private sector, workers, peasants and farmers, through the cooperative movement, commerce and industry will effectively contribute to increased production and wealth thus raising people’s welfare and the standard of living in the country.”

According to him, the NC will also, amongst other business receive, consider and adopt several policy documents (PDs) such as the: 

  1. Strategic Plan,
  2. Gender Policy,
  3. Women League Charter,
  4. Youth League Charter,
  5. Youth Strategic Plan,
  6. Sexual Harassment Policy,
  7. Human Resource Manual,
  8. Accounting and Financial Policy,
  9. Code of Conduct,
  10. Rules and Procedure of the Disciplinary Committee,
  11. Administrative Structure.

“In preparation for this most important national council meeting, members of the national council should expect their official communication in due course,” the party leader added. 

“As we commemorate and honour the great contribution of the Uganda Peoples Congress let us organize and prepare to emulate our forebearers in both word and deed, as we organize the party to play its role in serving the interests of the people of Uganda.”

For the past months, the UPC vice president and other leaders have been moving around the country meeting regional and sub-regional leaders. 

The meetings, the party’s head of media and communications, Muzeyi Faizo said last year is to intensify the party’s moblisation strategies and to recruit new members. 

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  1. One national council meeting in 8 years? TND also seems to have been on another planet. Not a single inquisitive question about the plight of the party -division, court cases and Akena’s connivance with M7 and the NRM? Hmmmm

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