IWPG Cambodia branch holds completion ceremony for Peace Lecturers’ Training Education

(Last Updated On: 8 March 2023)

Director of the branch Hoy Sochivanny said, “I think peace education is important for Cambodians for the young generation.”

The Cambodia branch of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG, branch director Hoy Sochivanny) held a completion ceremony for “Peace Lecturers’ Training Education” on March 4, 2023.

About 70 people attended the ceremony, including 11 graduates who completed training for female peace lecturers from January to February this year, 20 members of the IWPG Cambodian Peace Committee, and new IWPG members. 

Women’s peace education, one of the core projects of the IWPG, allows women to learn the spirit of peace and practice peace.

In the commemorative address, the regional director of the Global Region 12 Yeo Mi-Hyun said, “Among them, Peace Lecturers Training Education (PLTE) is an education to ensure the quality and capabilities of professional instructors and to instill an awareness of the need for peace so that 3.9 billion women around the world become one.” 

“Let’s all be peace lecturers. Let’s become trumpets who deliver peace to the world and achieve a beautiful and peaceful world of harmony together,” She added.

In the commemorative address, the branch director of the Cambodia branch Hoy Sochivanny said, “Today, we have launched a new peace committee and supporters of the existing peace committee and educational principles since 2017 and peace education has proven that existing and new ideas are useful.”

Completion ceremony of the IWPG Cambodia branch’s Peace Lecturer Training Education in the process.

“I think peace education is important to the younger generation.” She added.

Lim Mey Pvang gave a speech, “I’m very happy and honored to graduate from the IWPG peace lecturers training course”, “I learned about the origin of war, the origin of peace, how to achieve peace and many other valuable lessons that opened my eyes.” She added.

Lim Pahna gave a speech, “I am very happy to meet the IWPG members” “In particular, we thank all the IWPG members for their many lessons on peace, technical things to teach, and much good advice.” He added.

On the other hand, IWPG is an international NGO with a vision to pass on peace to the world’s future generations and is actively promoting women’s peace education, supporting and urging the enactment of the International Peace Act (DPCW), and planting peace projects.

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