Lira City’s water crisis: Otto’s message to NWSC, residents  

(Last Updated On: 7 March 2023)

It has come to my notice that there is an appalling water crisis in Lira City, for the last few years and there seems to be no immediate attempt to address this crisis in the short run. 

Many attempts by clients of the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in Lira to seek redress over the chronic disappearance of water, poor customer care, lack of commitment by the area management of Lira Zone, and gross Irregularities in the procurement and management of equipment of National Water & Sewerage Corporation have landed on dead ears. 

Therefore, as a concerned citizen who is committed to ensuring that Lango just like other parts of the country enjoys the benefit of quality utility and infrastructure services like electricity, 2012 campaigns, roads (Lira-Kamdini), 2020 campaigns, and other utility services for our people.

I have formally petitioned the Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Dr. Silver Mugisha to take immediate remedies to ensure the issues raised in the petition are addressed within two weeks. The letter was delivered and received amicably on 3rd March 2023; I am therefore waiting for his reply. 

In the meantime, we shall explore all avenues to engage all stakeholders before other severe actions can be taken against the area management and the top management of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

I want to assure the residents of Lira City that to have hope and share with me any form of irregularity in-order to address the water crises in Lira City once and for all. I appeal to the people of Lango to remain calm and sober in dealing with this matter. 

Members of the security forces and media should stop harassing the authorities and staff of NWSC to solicit free money because I think this matter can be solved amicably. All we want is a sustainable supply of water, clean and safe for human consumption.

We shall explore all available means to ensure that sanity is restored in the management of water in the Lira Area Zone. 

“Water is Life; Sanitation is Health.”

Ishaa Otto Amiza is the former Oyam South MP; resident of Lira City and human rights activist.

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