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Know NAADS’ partners for Hass Avocado and Macadamia seedlings

(Last Updated On: 6 March 2023)

Hass avocado and Macadamia have become key crops for Uganda’s agriculture sector.

A kilo of Hass avocado, for example, is between shs1,500 to shs2,000 in the local market.

In trying to make seedlings available and affordable for farmers, the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) says they have certified partners, and all of them are nucleus farmers in different districts. 

“Under NAADS’ new direction, the government provides 70% of the cost of seedlings while the farmer provides 30% through nucleus farmers to ease tracking and tracing of seedlings,” the agriculture agency says. 

The advantage a farmer gets with the nucleus farmer model, NAADS says, is the assurance of quality seedlings and traceability of farmers. 


  • Avocare Consultants Ltd, Wakiso district
  • Njojo Farms, Kyenjonjo district 
  • Kanyisa Farms, Lugusulu sub-county, Sembabule 
  • Musubi Farms, Bukamooli sub-county, Mayuge district 
  • Amafh Farms, Mityana 
  • Besmark Coffee Company Ltd, Kamaala sub-county, Kitagwenda district 
  • Hamuza Agro Processors & Exporters, Nyakisi sub-county, Kyenjonjo 
  • Royal Plants Nurseries, Kyenjonjo Town Council 

What you’ve to know… 

A well-managed Hass avocado tree starts maturing at 3 years. However, NAADS says in some instances, it can mature as early as 24 months. 

Uganda’s biggest Hass avocado farmer is reportedly found in Mayuge district with a plantation measuring 350 acres. 

A total of 3,500 acres of land has Hass avocado plants in Uganda. 

Health benefits of avocado: Source Internet.

  • Great source of potassium
  • Good for dental health
  • Good for the eyes
  • Rich in Vitamins C, E & B6
  • Rich in folate

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  1. Very good service to us farmers in Uganda.
    How can the beginner get access to inputs easily especially myself who is in the northern part of the country particularly Nwoya District.
    Have taken interest to start right away. Thanks and hope for continuous information sharing.

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