Gulu: Why PP Newton High School’s dormitory caught fire

Last Updated on: 5th March 2023, 04:22 pm

PP Newton high school has a total of  32o boys and 130 girls and the head teacher told us what could have caused the incident. 

A private secondary school in Gulu district continues to count losses after a fire from an unknown source razed a boys’ dormitory last week on Friday.  The learners’ belongings, including books and odii, become ashes.

PP Newton High School is located in Pabit village, Oding parish, Unyama sub-county, and is near Unyama Bridge along the Gulu-Kitgum highway. The academic institution has had no firefighting equipment especially fire extinguisher cans for a long time. As a result, they could not respond to the recent fire incident.

Our Gulu City-based correspondent, Lil Romeo Okot reports that at least 5 students collapsed after seeing the boy’s dormitory flaming. “They were rushed to Flama health center in Gulu city for immediate treatment.”

At 10m when Lil reached the PP, many parents stormed the school on hearing the “Breaking News” on Radio Mega FM.

A case vide CRB CRB: 70/2023 was recorded at Gulu Rural CPS in Gulu district as investigations into the matter continue. Akello Evelyn, 38, is the Oding parish chief who reported the case to the Police.

Preliminary information obtained from the police indicates that on March 3, 2023, at around 0900hrs, a teacher identified as Ocan Raymond saw smoke from the boy’s dormitory prompting him and some students to rush there in an attempt to rescue the property from the burning dormitory.

However, the immediate police fire emergency and rescue service were notified and they rushed to the scene of the crime; to try to manage and put the fire from escalating to another building.

According to the PRO of Aswa River Region, ASP David Ongom Mudong, the cause of the fire is yet to be confirmed, adding that no suspects have yet been arrested in connection to the incident.

However, he revealed that relevant statements were recorded from the witnesses to help with further investigations. The levels of damages were to be compiled as more inquiry continues.

Mudong added that all property was burnt off, and no death or serious injury has been reported to the police who made the situation under control to avoid more damages to occur in the school.

Lakot Monica Anywar is the head teacher of the school and tells TND News that the school has been in a land boundary wrangle with the neighboring family head who, he claims that the school is trying to block the way connecting to his home.

“Two days ago we were in for a meeting on that matter with the Director of the school where he (our neighbor) claimed that installation of water tanks would block a pathway to his home,” she added.

PP Newton High School has a total of over 450 students. 320 are boys and 130 are girls who are all in boarding.

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