Arach Oyat: Tracking progress record of Parish development Model

(Last Updated On: 20 February 2023)

Members of Parliament went for a two-week recess to have an opportunity of assessing the initial progress of the Parish Development Model (PDM) across the country. 

Of course, there were a lot of expectations in PDM especially after its official launch by the President of the Republic of Uganda H. E. Yoweri K. Museveni in February 2022 in Kibuku District, Eastern Uganda.

However, UPC advised that PDM can work better if it is done as a pilot study in a few sizable selected areas from both urban and rural. This was envisaged to have a limited activity that can be closely monitored or supervised.

The initial reports which have come up so far indicate that the public is yet to understand PDM as a concept derived to uplift the general welfare of our people, but instead see PDM funds as a gift from the government to attend to their daily needs. 

Our people at the grassroots levels do not have capacity to prepare the relevant paperwork as some lack basic documents like National Identity cards, bank accounts and realistic project proposals. Even elementary accounting knowledge is lacking yet PDM demands full transparency and accountability.

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UPC still advises the government to get more specialised extension workers who are better equipped in supervising small agricultural farmers, industrialist among others to be grafted in PDM, then experienced small scale industrial inspectors can also be brought on board.

These technical people can supplement the members of parliament in this work.

The author, Arach Oyat Sharon is the spokesperson of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party.

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