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Mugeni: It’s a waste of time to celebrate if Ugandans can’t reflect on Feb.16 and June 3 

(Last Updated On: 16 February 2023)

As Ugandans celebrate the ultimate sacrifice of the blood of Archbishop Janan Luwum today, the current Men of God have betrayed their conscience, betrayed their people.

They have further betrayed their God by enjoying a warm bed with the oppressors of the people.

This era is enjoying the worst hypocritical crop of clergymen in robes. They are also robbing their followers. 

They blindly lead blind followers to follow a man who has sold off an entire nation and made nearly 45 million people of God slaves.

Our clergy of today have allied with the political status quo to fill their stomachs to the brim, taking advantage of the godly and religious disposition of Ugandans.

Paul Mwanga made Martyrs by killing Ugandan religious youth, Idi Amin killed Janan, a religious leader, and now the status quo is hot-ironing Ugandans. 

No Bishop has raised a finger. Instead, they engage in trivialities to divert the population from the urgency of the moment. 

Grand theft and oppression of the masses continue and they watch.

All the clergymen and Bishops celebrating this day and have not talked about the hot ironing of Ugandans are part of the dictatorship and are useless in the eyes of the Lord, God! They will say I (Mugeni) have judged them. Yes! They are allying with the status quo.

The Day Saint Janan Jakalia Luwum died should be a day of reflection and furthering the ideals of human freedom and fighting for the underdog. 

Janan was killed for the truth and where he is, he is smiling. Who among the current Bishops or Archbishops is ready to follow Janan’s bravery and legacy? 

Today, and on the official Day of the earlier Martyrs on June 3, Ugandans descend on pork joints to celebrate. For as long as the Days of reflection are hijacked by neoliberal profiteering, we have lost direction and the tyrant will continue roaming our land, creating more Martyrs for centuries to come.

If Ugandans can’t use these two holidays of the Uganda Martyrs on June 3 and February 16 to reflect and do a self-evaluation, it’s a waste of time!

Ugandans have to use these days to remember all Ugandans whose lives have been wasted since the time of Kabaka Mwanga to the present. 

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Imagine one government official wishing Ugandans a ‘Happy Janan Luwum Day’ without wishing the hot ironed man a ‘quick recovery’. 

The author, James W. Mugeni is a Ugandan living in Iowa, USA.

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