LPG asks religious leaders to organise regular engagements with followers outside the region

(Last Updated On: 14 February 2023)

Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) has emphasised the need by the different religious leaders from the sub-region to regularly and constantly engage the people who are scattered in various parts of the country and the diaspora for spiritual nourishment and unity.

LPG is a body that brings all the current MPs from the districts that form the traditional Lango sub-region to have a common voice on pertinent development issues affecting their people.

The Group is currently led by the Kole District Woman MP Judith Alyek as its Chairperson. Alyek made the call Sunday while speaking to hundreds of members of the Lango Community in Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja at St Luke CoU, Ntinda in Kampala.

Alyek and other colleagues joined the Bishop of West Lango Diocese Rt. Rev. Caesar Nina. The latter made a Holy Communion pastoral visit/service to interact with the Lango Community who always hardly find time together.

Alyek welcomes the gesture, the first of its kind and asks other religious leaders from the region to emulate this and make it a regular reach-out programme to the community who could be facing numerous challenges.

Top on the list of challenges, the lawmaker who does not miss out on wearing her rosary, points out homosexuality which she says must be fought at all fronts by everyone together with the parliament of Uganda.

“…it seems we were sleeping on a time bomb because this filthy vice has greatly infiltrated many of our schools, so we thank the Church for its bold stand which is in line with the parliament of Uganda,” she stressed.

She also used the occasion to task the people of Lango to stand behind their leaders to monitor all government programmes aimed at fostering development in their localities.

She says it’s not enough for people to always merely complain of corruption and shoddy work yet they do not pick interests in whatever is taking place in their areas.

“…it’s my humble appeal to every person in Lango to rise and fight corruption by denouncing and speaking against the vice which frustrates service delivery in the country…” Alyek urged.

She encouraged the population to closely pick interest in programmes and projects sent to their places because the implementation is always funded using taxpayers’ money.

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