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Who was Kenneth Ojoro Kuranimo?

(Last Updated On: 6 February 2023)

Kenneth Ojoro Kuranimo has passed on. He was the former Deputy IGP in the Obote government. 

Ojoro joined Uganda Police in 1960 and lived through several changes of government.

This is what he told the Observer newspaper some time ago.

“As long-serving police officers, we faced a lot of challenges when a government was overthrown because people became so aggressive. They robbed shops and killed each other.”

He says that during military takeovers of government, many police officers died trying to arrest criminals robbing shops. Ojoro is now a farmer.

“After my retirement, I started farming in my village in Kiryandongo. I plant maize in large quantities and sell it to factories and schools. I have no worries of money at my old age,” he says.

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