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Parliament dispatches members to oversee Parish Development Model

(Last Updated On: 3 February 2023)

Parish Development Model (PDM) is the latest initiative by the government of Uganda in its attempts to reduce household poverty, improve incomes and enhance the livelihoods of the population. 

So far, billions of shillings have been released for PDM with reports showing millions have been abused by some senior government officials.

Across the country, dozens have been arrested, with some vomiting the money they had stolen.

The crime drew public criticism with the government told to take action. Parliament that approved the funds was equally signalled and now, they are concerned.

According to a parliamentary website, the MPs have been released to oversee the PDM in their constituencies.

“The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has granted legislators a two-week recess to conduct oversight into the operation of the Parish Development Model,” an extract from the parliamentary website reads.

In a letter addressed to the MPs, quoting the same source, the Speaker said that in May 2022, Parliament appropriated Shs1.49 trillion to the Parish Development Model to cover 10,400 parishes in the country.

Under Article 90 of the Constitution, the MPs’ mandate is to carry out the oversight function on the Parish Development Model (PDM) in their respective constituencies.

The letter from the Speaker read by the Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa on February 2, stated that the oversight will be for two weeks from Friday, 03 to 17 February 2023.

“I have communicated to the relevant authorities and expect that all MPs should be furnished with documentation and correspondences relating to PDM as well as evaluate and access the disbursement of all PDM funds.” 

Speaker Among said that the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is expected to make available all release and disbursement schedules for the PDM to the Members of Parliament.

She, in her message read by the deputy, said the MPs will be divided into 18 clusters representative of the 18 sub-regions.

“The MPs will be expected to determine, the exact amount of approved funds disbursed to the respective parishes, the eligibility of the beneficiaries of the funds, assess the effectiveness of the disbursed funds and establish the extent of the adherence to the PDM guidelines and procedures of the actor and implementers of the fund.” 

This will ensure support for more Ugandans to increase their demand for goods and services, according to parliament.

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