Govt warns schools on fees as 2022 PLE results get released 

(Last Updated On: 29 January 2023)

First Lady and Education Minister Janat Katah Museveni on Friday released the 2022 primary leaving examinations (PLE) results. Katah was flanked by senior officials in the ministry and Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

According to the UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo, in 2022, 400,100 (48.1%) boys were registered compared to 432,554 (51.9%) girls. 

The figures show that more female candidates than males completed primary education. 

Dan Odongo further said the proportion of candidates benefitting from the universal education program also increased by 1.7 percent.

“There was a marked improvement in English, Science, and Mathematics while SST registered a decline,” he added.

In the same year, UNEB registered 2,436 learners with special needs (SN).

This is compared to 1,599 in 2020, which is an increase of 52.3 percent and the largest rate of increase in decades.

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Additionally, a total of 1,609 of the candidates who sat PLE last year needed special assistance like the provision of braille, sign language interpreters, transcribers, and physical support.

UNEB chief revealed that last year, more candidates obtained Division 1 and Division 2 than in 2020. 

“The overall pass levels are comparable between the two years. In terms of numbers, 714,702 candidates passed PLE compared to 659,910 the previous year.”

Government on fees 

According to Education Minister Janet Museveni, the cabinet has guided that all schools maintain the fee structure for the third term of 2022. “We are not blind to the plight of parents as they grapple with the plight of exorbitant school fees.”

Speaking on Friday, she added: “It will not be business as usual. Therefore, I sound a strong warning towards head teachers and those engaged in the evil of examination malpractice as the Ministry of Education will not tolerate this anymore.”

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