Dr. Oledo’s move to seek help for orphaned children from State House criticized 

A letter attributed to the recently embattled president of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) Dr. Oledo Samuel Odongo has been criticized on Liberation Day, January 26.

Oledo came under criticism from a section of medical professionals and the public when he and his group knelt before President Museveni late last year, begging the NRM party founder and the national chairman to stand for the presidency in 2026.

Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 and celebrations to mark the 37th year in power took place in Kakumiro district on Thursday.

TND News landed on a letter by Dr. Oledo and we chose not to edit it. It reads:

Gdevening family.

Following our last engagement with the fountain of honour, the commander in Chief of the UPDF, Gen. Rtd YKM, we requested him kindly to consider sponsoring the sons and daughters of our fallen colleagues the doctors who died due to Covid 19 and Ebola by including them on statehouse sponsorship from the levels their beloved parents left them at to completion of their first degrees which the Loin of Africa granted.

I was given the task to identify these children and the details of their parents in attach the death certificate for these little angels to attain this golden opportunity as their parents rest in eternal peace.

Upon the above background therefore, I do request to get the contact persons of the late doctors to locate these young ones to be included on the list of the already 20children that I did trace nationally and this is very urgent since school is scheduled for first week of February 🙏🏿🙏🏿

I do request us to treat this information with the greatest urgency it deserves because my team will have to follow up these beautiful young ones to their residence to ascertain the facts in the shortest time possible and keep periodic follow ups until they do graduate 🙏🏿🙏🏿

Yours in service 

Dr Oledo Samuel Odongo 

President Uganda Medical Association 

National coordinator statehouse beneficiaries.

Please all Health worker Children who died of those two conditions are to be helped please.

Forward and those poor orphans can be helped

Dead line is on Sunday 

Mugeni’s words 

James William Mugeni is a Ugandan medical practitioner based in Iowa, USA. He said, “Oledo can’t ride on the back of dead people and dance on the graves of dead Doctors!”

“Helping orphans is not a favour! These characters need to be removed from the highest office yesterday!” he added.

According to Mugeni, Oledo who was replaced as UMA president only for the court to reinstate him added that “Oledo can’t make a comeback using dead people!”

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“He is on the  ground of becoming the most hated ‘bogus Doctor’ next to Mengele on earth!” Iowa-based compatriot stated.

“Let him leave the profession and worship the dictator. What is the policy on occupational hazards in Uganda? Who is speaking for the Nurse? Who blew up in an ambulance last year in Bundibugyo? What about the whole team that was in that ambulance?” 

An attempt to verify the authenticity of the letter from Dr. Oledo was futile on Thursday evening. We will still reach him for comments.

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