Vice President Alupo tells ‘Bishops’: ‘Use Churches, mobilise Christians, it’s Museveni in 2026’

(Last Updated On: 19 January 2023)

The race to the 2026 presidential election seems to have started much earlier for those in the ruling NRM government.

Almost every day, backers of the two men in the early race say “it’s Museveni, it’s Muhoozi”. Gen Muhoozi is Museveni’s son and senior presidential advisor on special operations.

Like his father, he wants to be the president in 2026 and his supporters have nicknamed him a “standby generator“. 

However, many in the wider NRM party structures think he’s not mature and that his father, in power since 1986, should hang on as the president.

For many months now, there is “total disagreement” between supporters of Muhoozi and Museveni on the presidency.

Even the son of the president himself has repeatedly attacked those talking negatively about his ambitions. Some of these people fought with his father in the bush.

On Wednesday while in Gulu for a Church event, the country’s Number Two, in the presence of the Bishops and an Archbishop, asked Christians to give their support to his boss – Mzee “Owera.”

Vice President Jessica Alupo was attending the consecration ceremony for Sisters who were promoted and those who have been in service for decades. 

She was also told of the dilapidated Convent structures. After the function, she visited the Convent and promised to support and make regular visits. 

Alupo said this will “further bring bonds to the Catholic Churches in Uganda”.

Vote for President Museveni come 2026, she said. “Museveni’s candidature in the 2026 general election of Uganda is confirmed,” she told the congregation. 

“He is steadfast and ready to continue steering the country for many more years.”

Earlier at the same event, Sr. Grace Angelina Aciro issued their “special requests” to the government, good Samaritans, and well-wishers to mobilize resources to renovate the dilapidated structures at their convent.

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Sr. Grace requested the Vice President to “take their concerns and forward the request” to the  President regarding dilapidated convent structures. They want it to be renovated.

Alupo commended the Church’s role in promoting and serving humanity, and the transformation of livelihood through the initiation of good projects.

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