24 February 2024


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Wakiso: Meet a woman making millions and supporting others with ginger farming 

Widely known as Mama Mirembe Tangawuzi, Naziri says she hires undeveloped plots in Wakiso and beyond, and turns them into gardens to grow ginger. 

Naziri Florence in one of her ginger gardens.

Last Updated on: 18th January 2023, 08:43 pm

Agriculture is a lucrative venture and has been described for decades as the “backbone of the economy”.

The sector, unlike before, now demands innovation and creativity, all of which come with huge financial and manpower investments.

Even those undertaking it purely to get food to feed the stomach, it’s a hard task. Commercial farmers on the other side now must invest a lot to recover the money invested in it, or harvest nothing at the end of the season.

For some crops (produce), for a farmer to make more money and smile to the bank, value addition alongside branding and marketing is key.

However, some farmers, like Naziri Florence of Kabulengwa Akright Estates, Naluvule village, Wakiso sub-county in Wakiso district, without value addition, she’s still a millionaire who is changing the lives of people in the area.

Widely known as Mama Mirembe Tangawuzi, Naziri says she hires undeveloped plots in Wakiso and beyond, and turns them into gardens to grow ginger. 

This, she is doing in addition to her gardens.

With more than 5 years in the venture, she employs over 20 workers, the majority of whom are women. She tells TND News during a recent visit to her gardens that she wants to change the lives of people around her and beyond.

“I am happy with the project,” Mama Tangawuzi says.

According to her, once ginger is mature, her customers from within and outside Wakiso commute to her gardens. “We harvest, weigh and they pay me cash.”

Each sack of ginger, according to her, can make over shs300,000.

In a 100m×50m plot, she can mint over shs4m per season with expenditures of around shs500,000 per season.

She is not into ginger alone. She is also doing poultry and goat rearing.

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Mama Tangawuzi seems not about to quit her favorite venture for another task. She enjoys it because it has supported her and her family, and those she employs massively.

Ginger ready for harvesting.

Value addition 

According to an agriculturist and tea expert, Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, his advice to Naziri is to look at value addition.

Atukunda who founded EFOTI, a private company known for tea growing all over Uganda, says he’s ready to start buying raw materials from Naziri for making drinks.

Under his newly incorporated company ETO-Tea Products (U) Limited, he says value addition is critical in today’s ventures.

Atukunda during a visit to Naziri’s garden last week.

“We will not only buy raw material (ginger) but as well partner with her to come up with different types of drinks. Ginger is very good and healthy and an important ingredient,” he added.

Some of the health benefits: (Internet Source)

  • Fights germs
  • Calms nausea
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Curbs cancer growth, etc.

In most local markets across the country, a piece of fresh ginger costs not less than shs200.

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