Serere by-election: NRM severely divided as Okebe’s camp warns Odoi and ‘his man’ Oucor

(Last Updated On: 13 January 2023)

Serere NRM local leaders said they shall not support Oucor and the party’s electoral body chairperson Dr Tanga Odoi has called for a continued dialogue between two factions.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party structure leaders in Serere County, Serere district have insisted that they will not support or campaign for the NRM flag bearer Philip Oucor. The group has vowed to support the son of the late Serere County MP, Patrick Okabe.

Okabe died late last year in a fatal road crash in the countryside alongside his wife, Christine Okabe. 

Now, as plans are underway to replace him as a legislator, the division has engulfed his former party. Leaders paying allegiance to his son, Emmanuel Omoding have decided while meeting the NRM party Electoral Commission Chairperson Tanga Odoi on Monday evening in Serere district headquarters.

The leaders accused Oucor, who was also present during the stakeholders’ meeting, of undermining the NRM structures.

Charles Erimu the Chairperson of Atiira sub-county, Serere in a meeting said that the chairpersons of the structures are not willing to support the NRM flag bearer, a move that was backed by all structure chairpersons present.

“We the structure leaders of NRM disagree with any position of the party as long as it’s not the son of late Okabe, Emmanuel Omoding. The problem is the way Mr. Oucor came to the politics of Serere it was not in the right way,” Erimu said.

Stephen Otage, the Chairperson of Kateta sub-county asked Odoi to listen to the plea of the people of Serere and decide in their favour. He later added the same meeting that the position of the structure still stands.

“We have told him (Odoi) our position and the one of the NRM voters, much has he has insisted that the party has a flag bearer but the position of structures is we are rallying behind Omoding, if we fail to agree we shall have no option but to support the son of the late.”

Odoi had gone to Serere to meet with structure leaders on how they can support the NRM candidate, Philip Oucor.


But while speaking to the media after the meeting, Odoi called for continued dialogue between the two warring camps.

“I want us to have dialogue and we must respect the opinions of everybody including the current flag bearer. I want to emphasize that we shall not bend the constitution, we can only change if there is need,” Odoi said.

Philip Oucor on the other hand said his position is the position of the party and believes that NRM will not accept to rape its constitution in favour of the late Okabe’s son.

The national electoral commission (EC) has said the nomination of candidates will be conducted on February 9 and 10, 2023 at the District Returning Office, Serere. Subsequently, it will be followed by campaign meetings which will run for nine (9) days from February 13 to February 21, 2023.

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