24 February 2024


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Footballer shot dead as Alerek road crash victims’ commemorative prayers swing

Captain Omara Yuventine Ayeda, the Abim district LCV chairperson when contacted, said the Alerek commemoration events have always been associated with misfortunes

Gun violence on the rise.

Last Updated on: 12th January 2023, 07:00 pm

Uncertainties always befall the memorial prayers for the Alerek road crash victims. In 2021, eight players died after a fatal road crash in Angorom hill.

As it was planned by the Abim district authorities, memorial prayers were to be held annually on January 9.

Our Karamoja sub-region correspondent Hope Owiny Ochero reports that there are uncertainties for the memorial prayers for the football players  who lost their lives two years ago.

The players were traveling from Alerek to Lokitelaebu for a peace match on January 9, 2021.

The tragic crash which happened at Angorom hill on Abim-Kotido highway claimed 8 lives and left several others injured.

Meanwhile, Ochero also reports that one football player was again shot dead by an army officer on January 9, 2023.

This brings the total players to have died in the similar event to 9.

“The Abim district council however declared 9th January of every year a district public holiday dedicated to the commemoration of the lives lost but the fate of this year’s commemoration still remains uncertain,” he added.

In a phone interview with this digital publication, Joseph Nakasamba who is the chairperson of the organizing committee for the commemoration could not confirm the recent shooting.

He says he has been having other engagements outside the district and the committee will sit today to decide when and how the program will run.

Joshua Otoka, the Alerek sub-county LC3 chairperson says he is waiting to attend the meeting, adding  that it will be convened by the organizing committee.

According to him, the meeting will come up with a conclusion.

Captain Omara Yuventine Ayeda, the Abim district LCV chairperson when contacted, said the commemoration events have always been associated with misfortunes, citing last year’s event where one football player was shot dead and some more people injured by a tent which got blown off by wild wind.

“We are still in consultations with different stakeholders to find out what to do next,” the LC5 added.

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