North Kyoga holding one for possessing illegal fireworks explosives 

(Last Updated On: 5 January 2023)

The territorial police command at North Kioga region said they have started investigations on places that defied and flouted fireworks guidelines as Lango sub-region joined the rest of the country (and the world) to usher in 2023.

At least 28 public places scattered across the 9 rural districts of Lango and Lira city were granted permission by police to display fireworks. 

According to the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, they were to display fireworks within a stipulated time of five minutes. 

In a pre-2023 press conference, Okema told the media “we shall also deploy our officers to ensure that the places we have cleared to display fireworks adhere to our guidelines.”

Later, it turned out that some of the public places defied police orders and displayed fireworks for close to 25 minutes.

Speaking to the media at Lira Central Police Station on Monday, Okema says police are concerned about some of the public places that displayed fireworks in total disregard of the police directives.

“Unfortunately, some places displayed fireworks within the stipulated five minutes. I believe this is due to business competition but it’s purely a weakness from our security who did not participate vigorously in the supervision,” he said.

Okema also says police officers who were deployed at firework venues are yet to hand in their reports, adding that the companies who applied for fireworks shall be summoned to explain why their blasters exceeded the time limit, and why they flouted the guidelines.

Okema also disclosed that the police in Amolatar are holding one Daniel Owori for being in illegal possession of fireworks explosives.


According to Okema, Owori approached the management of Kyoga Resort Hotel with the intent to sell the fireworks explosives but he had no proper documentation and escort from the police counter-terrorism

“….the hotel management alerted the police and the suspect is being held at Amolatar Police,” he revealed.

There has been no latest development on Owori’s arrest by press time.

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