“To hell with sponsors and consumers of homosexuality”: Ugandan prophet tells Europe, USA

(Last Updated On: 2 January 2023)

Prophet Fred David Isanga, the head of the Universal Apostles’ Fellowship Church of Righteousness (UAFCR) has vowed to fly to the whole world beginning with Africa to spread the true gospel of righteousness in accordance with the Bible.

UAFCR is an indigenous Pentecostal Church that has existed since 1963 with more than 2,000 branches in East and Central Africa. Her teachings are based on the righteousness of all believers.

Popularly known as Prophet David or Nabbi Daudi, while preaching to a mammoth congregation that turned up during the Passover service to welcome 2023 at Kirama village in Kaliro district, the man of God made the news to fly across the continent and the globe.

In his sermon under the theme: “Righteousness,” derived from the Acts of Apostles 10:1 with emphasis on verse 34, Prophet David justified the need for true and genuine men and women of God from Africa to conduct fresh missionary work outside the continent.

To put it in context, in the Book of Acts quoted above, God revealed a vision to which two unlikely individuals with different backgrounds: Peter a Jew, and Cornelius, a Roman army officer, hence a gentile, were brought together through faith in God.

While Cornelius was branded a good man, yet did not know the true Living God, meaning our good works and efforts based on our backgrounds do not in any way make us good before God except through faith.

Referencing the above, Prophet said it was not enough for people in Africa to blindly follow the practices and beliefs of the Europeans, many of them he says have deviated from the true calling of God and are obsessed with carnal teachings and practices like LGBTQ.

“…some of these fellows are now obsessed with homosexuality to the extent that even the so-called priests ordained to preach the word of God turn around and wed them in the church…?” he said in a rhetoric tone amidst shouts of prolonged Alleluia.

The man of God also told the audience to stop relying on denominations like Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Seventh Day Adventist and Islam, among others, saying the key message in the Holy Bible is righteousness and not religion.

David also turned guns against fake pastors who take advantage of stressed followers and misinterpret the Bible for a “monetary selfish agenda” at the expense of righteousness.

“…I do not proclaim my own words, no one can witch-hunt me for telling the truth because the God of Moses, Daniel, David and Jeremiah, among others are with me at all times…,” he said.

To support the teaching of righteousness which has become synonymous with the UAFCR, Prophet David bragged that cases of HIV/AIDS infections among his followers are almost zero.


He also revealed to the congregation which included government ministers, administrators and professionals like health workers, bankers, lawyers and university teachers, among others that God has given him a vision for Uganda to be a more prosperous country in 2023.

Clad in a three-piece glittering fitting outfit, a sharp departure from the traditional clerical garb and collar adorned by many men of God, Prophet David took time to dispel wild allegations being peddled by some people that the Church is against the ruling NRM government.

“Should President Yoweri Museveni present himself in 2026, all members of this Church will give him a block vote because of the great things he has done for Uganda,” he said as the congregation chorused in the affirmative.

To crown the service, a section of Christians in the youth department of the Church donated a brand new Toyota TX car worth shs350m to Prophet David as a token of their faith to help in propagating the gospel of righteousness.

The Prophet promised that 2023 will be a year of spreading the gospel of righteousness, starting with a mega Gospel crusade later this year in western Mbarara City.

Hundreds of spiritually-hungry people who were convicted by the sermon confessed salvation and joined the Church and pledged to pursue the message of righteousness.

Ministers Frederick Ngobi Gume (Cooperatives) and Jennifer Namuyangu (Bunyoro Affairs), MPs Alex Brandon Kintu (Kagoma North) and Sanon Bwire Nadeba (Bulamogi County), Kaliro RDC Emmy Mitala, among others graced the function.

The political leaders who listened attentively up to the end promised to support the Church, which is known for encouraging its followers to engage in income-generating activities.

8 thoughts on ““To hell with sponsors and consumers of homosexuality”: Ugandan prophet tells Europe, USA

  1. For sure we must all accept righteousness because it is the only key to heaven. Thanks prophet David for your braveness.

  2. May God of Prophet David bless you Mr. Otto Nelly for this service of extending God’s Word through the Prophet to the entire world.

  3. Prophet David is the only hope for the world amidst the moral decadence of this generation. Am behind him in every situation to spread the gospel.

  4. For such message and testimonies of the believers acknowledge prophet David as the only sent from Yahweh

  5. The utter truth of the value of righteousness has to be revealed worldwide thanks Prophet David for the courage to condemn sin at all costs long live uafcr

  6. I loved the journal.
    Snr Nelly Otto, happy new year.
    I am for nabbi Daudi for righteousness 2023, Amen.

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