Pictorials: How UAFCR 2022-2023 Passover event went in Kaliro district 

(Last Updated On: 2 January 2023)

The head of the Universal Apostles’ Fellowship Church of Righteousness (UAFCR) Prophet David also known as Prophet Nabbi Daudi was joined by his followers on New Year’s Eve at Kirama village in Kaliro district.

Prophet and his followers, among them senior government officials entered 2023 with tough preaching by the man of God.

UAFCR is an indigenous Pentecostal Church that has existed since 1963 with more than 2,000 branches in East and Central Africa.

In his sermon under the theme: “Righteousness,” derived from the Acts of Apostles 10:1 with emphasis on verse 34, Prophet David justified the need for true and genuine men and women of God from Africa to conduct fresh missionary work outside the continent.

He talked tough on homosexuality and more can be read here.

“…some of these fellows are now obsessed with homosexuality to the extent that even the so-called priests ordained to preach the word of God turn around and wed them in the church…?” he said.

Our Jinja City-based senior correspondent Nelly Otto attended the event and shared with us these exclusive pictures.

Prophet David talks to the press
Prophet David talks to the press.
A section of followers listening to the sermon during the Passover service.

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The Toyota TX car was gifted by a section of Christians to Prophet David.
Prophet David shares a moment with children stressing the need for parents and guardians to mould them spiritually.


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