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Winners of TND News’ Persons of the Year, 2022

TND News' Persons of the Year will be an annual event to reward great men and women who have done good for the society they live, and those whose works have inspired many.
TND News' Persons of the year

Inaugural Winners of 2022.

Last Updated on: 31st December 2022, 01:42 pm

We are privileged to have hundreds of social media users who took part in an online poll to vote for key people of the year, 2022. The TND News’ Persons of the Year nominees were men and women from Northern Uganda’s sub-regions of Acholi and Lango.

Each of them has done “quite a lot” in the development, mentorship, and leadership as well as inspiring those they serve.

“From the time when TND News was founded 10 years ago as “The Northern Daily,” the desire was to serve, make it a pro-people media, a platform for all – irrespective of trade, colour, culture; religion and region. Today, from a small beginning we have got people voted by the people,” Milton Emmy Akwam, founder and CEO of the digital publication, says.

“We’ll continue to realign this program with the interest of the public, we will continue to welcome feedback (good or bad) and we will act upon them with enthusiasm. We have just started,” adds Akwam.

There were four categories in this year’s TND News Persons of the Year, 2022. These are CEO and Mentor of the Year, Lango Person of the Year, Activist and Rights Defender and Politician of the Year.

The following individuals were nominated. Click here to read their names.


Below we present winners from each category. We do believe that it was the will of the “few” who represented the majority who could not vote due to reasons we do not know.

CEO and Mentor of the Year, Dr Morris Chris Ongom, GLOFORD

Politician of the Year, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, Lira City Woman MP

Lango Person of the Year, Allan Okello, Footballer with Lango Province and KCCA FC

Activist and Rights Defender of the Year, Shara Awor Angweri, Workers’ Councillor to Lira City Council and a community activist.

TND News's Persons of the Year
How people voted.

Winners reach

The publication managed to get reactions and hope from some of the winners.

Shara Awor Angweri: “First of all I want to take this honour to thank the nominators. Practically, I didn’t know I was nominated as a Lango activist and rights defender until when I opened the link and got my name there, even after like a day. This is like a surprise to me. I want to thank those who voted for me as well. I am humbled and I must say thank you for the inspiration because I have a lot ahead of me as a leader, as an activist, as a human right defender.”

“There is high moral decay that needs immediate interventions from all stakeholders. To me, those who voted for me gave a true reflection of what they could have heard, seen and known about me and it’s the true reflection of me because I am on the ground every time and not even a single day without human right issue and cases of sexual and gender-based issues, I pledge my commitment in doing more than I have done in Jesus Name and I pray for God’s protection.”

“Because this involves a lot of harsh and bitter encounters with the offenders and there are risks involved in truth-telling and situation analysis. I also feel I need full support from human rights defenders like Uganda Human Right Commission, Defend Defenders, FIDA Uganda, UN Women, etc. to help us because sometimes we are constrained.”

“I am working on a project and an existing CBO and we are looking at strengthening referral pathways, advocacy and community policing for a better Uganda. Together we can. I dedicate this award to the media world that has always helped me in this fight; I respect u all and cherish this award. For God and my Country.”

Dr Morris Chris Ongom: “I am profoundly humbled to hear that I was nominated for this award. I honour the Lord with it and the young people who have contributed immensely to all that we see. I dedicate this award to them and the next generation that God has given us the responsibility to prepare and raise as we pass the button. I humbly pledge to continue to make my contribution to you all. Let’s serve better in 2023 as the Lord leads and we follow.”

“Thank you TND News for leading us in starting a culture of saying thank you to those who are leading our society to greatness through the different platforms of leadership God has entrusted to us for the good of His people.”

If you may wish to send us feedback, use: tndnews2012@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +256752169448.

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