Dokolo DPC’s full report after young lovers found dead naked

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Editorial: This report has partly been edited for a special reason.

INCIDENT REPORT DOKOLO CPS CRB: 841/2022; Sudden death


Case Reported at Atabu Police Post on 26/12/2022 at around 1300/c by Okello Wilson m/aged 65 yrs, Lango by tribe, the lc1 Anyomoranga, Ocero parish, Bata sub-county in Dokolo District, Tel: 0777289663


At Anyomoranga village, Ocero parish, Batta sub-county in Dokolo District. Time not ascertained but it was on 25/26-12-22.



(a) Ajok Monica,17, a pupil in P.6 at Atabu P/S, daughter of Ebong Alex, resident of Anyomoranga Village, Ocero Parish, Batta s/county in Dokolo

(b) Onyac Posiono, 24, resident of the same address businessman

Unconscious and admitted

(a) Omara Denis m/a 23 Langi by tribe r/o of the same and now admitted at Dokolo Health Centre IV.


The deceased Onyac Posiono had a produce store on the commercial building of one Onyac Tonny at Anyomoranga trading centre and behind the store, the next room, he has been using as his home.

It’s alleged that on 26/12/22 at about 0800/c a group of youth gathered in the trading centre of the above address at the commercial building of one Onyok Tonny to play Rudo and it’s where the late Posiono has been renting.

One Oloka Isaac, 25, sent Omoko, 10, to bring the Rudo board from the produce store of the deceased one Onyac Posiono as the door was partially open.

Shortly after, Omoko came running and informed the group that he had him lying and wasn’t responding.

Olaka Isaac and others joined and went inside the room only to find one Onyac Posiono lying on top of Ajok Monica all dead and naked and then one Omara Dennis, a friend and workmate with whom they were sharing the same room lying Unconscious.

Thereafter, the area Police and LC1 chairman were informed. One Omara was taken to Dokolo HCiv for treatment.


– Case of sudden death was registered vide DKL CRB 841/2022.

– Scene visited by the DPC SP P. Baganzi, deputy DCID, SOCCO and others on UP 7724.

– Statements obtained by witnesses.

– It was found out that on 25/12/22 one Onyok Tonny a landlord to the deceased organized a disco in the yard and so many people attended.

– It was also found out that as the disco was on, the generator that was being used was kept in the store of the deceased and it was on throughout the store next to his room where he has been sleeping and where the two bodies were found lying.

– That the 02 deceased and 01 person still unconscious went to sleep as the generator was still on but unfortunately by the time the Police visited the scene, it had already been removed and the landlord was in hiding.

– At the scene, Monica was found naked, dead lying on the spine, the head facing up. Posiono was also naked, dead lying on Monica sideways, the left hand resting on her chest. No visible sign of torture.

– The Scene was thoroughly examined.

– The 02 bodies were taken to Dokolo HCIV pending an autopsy.

– A progress report to follow.

SP P. Baganzi,

DPC Dokolo

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