24 February 2024


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UPC says matters of national importance to dominate leader Akena’s address 

UPC has addressed the media several times this year and given more than a dozen of recommendations to the government.

UPC President Jimmy Akena. Courtesy/file photo.

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2022, 06:09 pm

It is 10 days to say goodbye to 2022, a year some Ugandans will appreciate what it has offered to them.

Some, as well, will loathe it (2022) for various reasons they have.

The remaining few days are characterised by a lot of preparations ahead of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Politically, some political parties are giving their end-of-year reports, detailing major achievements and challenges. They are as well giving an idea of what the year 2023 will be like.

One party to do so is the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in their Monday media conference.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party’s head of media and communication, Muzei Faizo said their leader will address the nation.

Faizo, in an interview with this publication, Tuesday, said the party leader (President) Jimmy Akena will address the nation on “matters of national importance”.


The Wednesday event will be Akena’s third ‘televised’ address from Uganda house in 2022.

For a larger part of 2022, communication officials stood in for their leader, Akena.

The party’s spokesperson, Sharon Oyat and Faizo addressed the press multiple times, giving their party’s positions and some were recommendations to key national events, among them in(security), fire outbreaks, Covid19 and Ebola, among others.

Akena, it’s believed, will pick up from there tomorrow.

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