Lira City: “fake’’ pastor arrested for feasting on fellow pastor’s wife

(Last Updated On: 25 November 2022)

Pastor Odongo said pastor Ojwang used the period he has been in South Sudan to lure his woman into sexual engagement and let his two biological children to suffer. 

By TND News Reporter

Lira – November 24, 2022: If there is anything to reckon with, then it is the precision with which most of the contemporary African writers especially in the post independent Africa authored their pieces, yes. Mostly fiction but with the power to predict the future.

There is also no doubt that Wole Soyinka is among those famous father of Literature in English and his play “The Tria Of Brother Jero” in which he portrays the treacherous and gullible behaviours of prophet Jeroboam who feasts on Amope, a wife to one of his senior members of the church. 

No wonder Wole Soyinka described him as a prophet who preaches water but drinks wine, and this is synonymous with today’s mushrooming churches and some of their cunning pastors. 

Now if you live in Lira City, Te-Aboi, a small semi-slummy cell along Aduku road is a place known for both values and vices, and you must be familiar with the Bread of Life Ministries, a small church established in a makeshift structure made of wood, locally known as “Makoko”

The bizarre news TND News have for you is that its founder Fred Ojwang, a senior pastor was on Monday nabbed by police for eloping with the wife of a fellow pastor and he is now in shame and loses.

The woman at the centre of this controversy with whom pastor Ojwang has been stealthy committing the alleged adultery with, is wife to Pastor Sam Odongo who runs Jesus New Revival ministry based in the South Sudan’s Capital, Juba. 

It is alleged that Vicky Egony, the wife of pastor Odongo abandoned their home in Lira City, left her two children in the house on their own and started cohabiting with pastor Ojwang to the chagrin of the neighbours who held her in high esteem.

It was upon this background that the concerned friends and neighbours of pastor Odongo phoned him severally to inform him of the calamity that has befallen his “kingdom’’ and he was forced to rush home last week.

He would soon start making a frantic search for the two love birds.

Indeed God was with pastor Odongo in his search. He found pastor Ojwang together with the woman (his wife) who was said to be comfortably frying food at her new home.

 When her husband stormed them in the company of two detectives from Lira Central Police Station, she was shocked.

In his narration to TND News, pastor Odongo said pastor Ojwang used the period he has been in South Sudan to lure his woman into sexual engagement and let his two biological children to suffer. 

Later the (sex pest pastor) was arrested and taken to Lira central police station for questioning. A case was opened vide SD reference 06/20/11/2022 but police later advised the parties to opt for a mediation.

Pastor Sam Odongo obliged to an interview with a TND News reporter and opened up, saying he has decided to terminate his marriage with his estranged wife and handed her to pastor Ojwang.

“I have handed over the woman to him though it is painful but as a man of God, that was the right thing I could do,’’ Pastor Odongo told us in a telephone interview. 

He further accused pastor Ojwang of always being in sexual engagement with fellow Christians which is against religious doctrines. 

An attempt to speak to the North Kioga Police PRO, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema was not successful as he is currently on leave and has advised the District Police Commander (DPC) to take charge.

We were not able to reach the DPC for his take on the matter by press time.

However, a source privy to the case intimated to this publication that the “fake” pastor pleaded guilty and was made to pay a fine of over shs1 million after settling with the woman’s husband.


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The woman’s family has also reportedly tasked him to marry their daughter early next year since he has ruined her matrimonial marriage.

Asked if he wants his dowry back, Pastor Odongo said: “It is something I was considering but I have been advised to ditch the plans because it is not possible under the current laws, I asked him to compensate me shs2.5m, he told me he was too broke to meet the cost after which I settled for shs1m but even the one million he is not able to meet at the moment.’’

Attempts to draw comments from the accused pastor’s have been futile as his known cell phone numbers are now switched off.

Meanwhile, a Reverend of the Anglican Church in Alebtong district who spoke to TND News on condition of anonymity said such men of God should be banned from standing in the pulpit. 

Under the Canon Law, a religious leader is not expected to involve him or herself in ungodly behaviours like adulteries, stealing, etc.

If found, he or she is excommunicated from the church, according to Pastor Joshua Okello of Joyce of Salivation Ministries based in the capital city, Kampala. 

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