121 dogs vaccinated, 31 killed in Kalongo

Last Updated on: 21st November 2022, 12:26 pm

What you should know: “314 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens were adopted from the USPCA in 2020.”

By Regina Lalam Olal

Kalongo, November 21, 2022: A team of veterinary doctors in Kalongo town council, Agago district have vaccinated 121 dogs against rabies.

 This exercise that started in October 2020, took six weeks to be completed, TND News has been told.

Walter Akena, one of the veterinary doctors confirmed the development in an exclusive interview on Friday morning.

 “Out of 221 dogs registered within Kalongo town council, 121 have been vaccinated while 31 stray dogs have been killed because their owners allowed them to roam around,” he added.

Akena said what prompted them to carry out mass vaccination of dogs was because of a community concern about the stray dogs.

He said according to the Rabies Act of 1935 [Cap., 44], it provides for control of [straying] dogs.

Robert Kinyera, A resident in Kalongo town council advised fellow residents to keep their dogs at home and always vaccinate them to protect people from diseases that result from a dog’s bite like rabies.

Where do some of these stray dogs end? According to the Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (USPCA) annual report of 2020, 314 animals were adopted in 2020. 121 were dogs, 78 puppies, 76 kittens and 39 cats.

“Adoption is one of the key areas where we were negatively impacted by the pandemic and we saw a decrease in adoption figures of 14% from 2019,” USPCA report further reveals.

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