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Girl misses PLE after refusing headteacher’s directive to abort pregnancy 

(Last Updated On: 19 November 2022)

The headteacher has denied all the allegations but confirmed hosting the pupil and her sister.

By Hope Owiny Ochero

Kotido – November 18, 2022: A former primary seven pupil is still in tears after missing the recently concluded primary leaving examinations (PLE).

The girl who was a pupil of Nakapelimoru primary school in Kotido district also accuses the head teacher of sabotage and extortion.

Hellen Ayen joined the school in the middle of first term. She tells me she completed all the processes of registration for the national exams together with the rest of the pupils but was surprised to realize when she reported for briefing that her name was not among those supposed to sit for the final exams.

Ayen further claims that the head teacher of the school, Andrew Ben Amone had been demanding her for sex since first term started. “He touched my breasts on three occasions before I got pregnant in the first term’s holiday with.”

Although she got pregnant, it was for another man, this publication understands and that Amone wanted her to abort the unborn baby so he can take charge of her (Ayen) as his wife.

“Amone convinced me to abort. I was pregnant in the second term and that was the reason the head teacher expelled me from school.”

Ayen adds that Amone later “extorted” over shs160,000 from her in order to re-register her since she had become pregnant. “He asked me to read from home and come only for examinations.”

 Ayen further says Amone called her a week before examinations to report for the exams but she turned up and found that her name was not among the candidates expected to sit.

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She now regrets leaving Kotido mixed primary school, a school she was studying from. Amone, she says, convinced her to leave Kotido mixed, promising her free education till third term and scholarship in secondary school.

Sarah Atyang, Ayen’s elder sister, says she went to the office of Amone (head teacher) after realizing that her sister had been sidelined. “Amone only gave back the money he extorted from us without explanation.”

 She tells TND News she has reported the matter to the school management committee.

TND News contacted Andrew Ben Amone. He denies all the allegations but confirmed that Ayen was their pupil, further accepting that he hosted Ayen and her elder sister in his office the day the exams started.

“I never gave them any money, I never extorted any money from them.” 

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