Oguti says “leadership of a country does not need too much alcohol” as North endorses Museveni

(Last Updated On: 9 November 2022)

Greater north youth leaders met in Lira City and gave Museveni  a green light. His son, Gen. Muhoozi was given “red flash” ahead of the 2026 elections showdown. 

By Frank Oyugi

Lira City –  November 9, 2022: Amilton Hotel owned by the Pader Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Milton Odongo was a beehive of activities as greater north youth under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party appended their signatures to endorse “Jaja” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the next “kisanjja.

Donned in Black, Yellow and White T-shirts with labels such as “we command you to contest in 2026 and beyond,’’ the youth roared in support of President Museveni whom they hailed as a “visionary, trusted and tested leader”.

With three years left until the next general elections, the youth leaders from the greater northern Uganda have joined the rest of their counterparts from western Uganda, Buganda to flash a red card towards “Muhoozi Project” in favor of his father, Uganda’s President since 1986. 

The youth leaders want Museveni to contest in the 2026 general (presidential) elections and beyond.

Tuesday’s meeting was officially opened by George Abdul, the chairperson of the youth council for Lira district. Abdul also doubles as the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Apac. He rallied the youth to support and endorse President Museveni in the next general elections.

‘’The only way we can reward a revolutionary leader like Museveni is offer him an opportunity to continue leading this country and we are going to mobilize for him like the way we mobilize for people to believe in religion,” he said, adding that they cannot allow the country to be led by “unserious people”.

It is also worth noting that Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, source says is eyeing his father’s (country’s) top seat in the next election.

Recently, Muhoozi and his followers used the former’s birthday parties held at a handful of venues across the country to popularize his “Muhoozi Project”.

RDC Abdul has, however, lauded President Museveni for being a leader who has the young people at heart and cited numerous government interventions initiated by the President targeting young people.

The youth’s petition requesting President Museveni to contest in 2026 was read by Robine Odongo, the Abim district NRM youth league chairperson. “I am appending my signature to endorse President Museveni to contest in 2026 and beyond because he waited for Karamoja to develop,’’ Odongo, who is also a lawyer by profession, said.


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He observed that Uganda still needs the leadership of Museveni because he has ushered peace, security and stability for the country, adding that for the first time Ugandans are certain of their future.

“For the first time you can be certain that you will wake up and find food to eat, that your children will wake up and go to school, that you will leave your home and go back safely because of peace and stability,” Odongo asserted.

Also in attendance was Sabastian Oguti, the Deputy Dean of RDCs who also touted President Museveni for economic transformation of the country and for creating regional peace in the Great Lakes Region.

According to Oguti, the existing regional peace has created markets for Uganda products. Oguti says Uganda still needs Museveni to fast track the East African Integration.

“To you young people, let us support President Museveni because the leadership of a country does not need too much alcohol,” says OGUTI.

Prossy Langol, one of the female NRM leaders in Lango, said they cannot support any candidate at this time because Museveni is still capable of leading Uganda from 2026 and beyond. 

This new wave of Museveni endorsement could be interpreted as a rejection of the much talked about “Muhoozi Project”.

This latest development also comes barely three months after a section of youth calling themselves “Muhoozi Army” launched their Lango Chapter at Grenade Hotel in Lira and boldly told a gathering that it was time for young blood to lead the country.

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