Blow as Northern Uganda NRM leaders shun “Muhoozi Project” and Presidency 

(Last Updated On: 9 November 2022)

Gen Muhoozi is President Museveni’s ambitious son who is vying the Presidency in 2026.

Lira – November 8, 2022: On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party youth leaders and supporters from greater northern Uganda endorsed Yoweri T. Kaguta Museveni to contest as President for the 7th term.

The ruling party youth leaders assembled in Lira City at Amilton Hotel and praised the country’s longest leader, Museveni as “a visionary leader and peacemaker”.

They were donned in black, yellow and white T-shirts with labels such as “we command you to contest in 2026 and beyond.’’

Lately, social media platforms are flooded with “Muhoozi Project” campaigns information, with those calling themselves “Muhoozi Army” at the forefronts.

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is President Museveni’s son and, according to him, he wants the Presidency.

Muhoozi, thinks and would later say he can defeat opposition like “Kabobi” in an election.

It is yet to be seen whether the endorsement of his father to contest for another term will affect his army’s ambitions and his personal quest to replace a man who has been at the helm of the country’s political affairs since 1986.  

Read why Museveni’s endorsement is a blow for Muhoozi here.

Until press time, “Muhoozi Army” officials for Lango like Patrick Akena Ogwal and Patrick Awongo could not be reached for comments about the endorsement of Museveni.

Some of the greater north NRM youth leaders and supporters on Tuesday.

Comments and reactions from Gen Muhoozi’s supporters to follow.

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