Excel Construction refutes media story on five workers 

Last Updated on: 31st October 2022, 05:15 pm

Excel Construction Ltd has refuted any claims relating to mistreatment of the five persons.

By Nelly Otto

Jinja – October 30, 2022: The management of Excel Construction Ltd, one of the top civil engineering companies in Uganda has rubbished claims in some media outlets that five of its workers have been dismissed.

 It was reported that the staff were laid off without compensation after they sustained injuries at the workstation.

In the article, Red Pepper (Daily Pepper) published the names of five workers allegedly fired by Excel Construction Limited without compensation after they sustained injuries during the course of duty.

However, according to SK Iyengar, the Company Secretary who is the official spokesperson dismisses all the allegations and states that any worker who sustains any injuries during the course of employment is handled and compensated as per the Workers Compensation Act.

Iyengar says at no point in time Excel has ever dismissed or removed any employee from their employment without just or adequate reasons, adding the company believes in team building and being in the services industry relies on the performance of the employees for its success.

“At Excel, human resources are treated as one of the most valuable assets of the company,” he explains.

Regarding the five workers, Excel has clarified what she terms “the actual and factual position” as follows:

1. John Kirya

John Kirya suffered a hand injury on 9/12/2021. Due notice of the accident was given to the Labour office within two days of the accident. 

After the injury, the company provided adequate medical care and a full salary was paid during his sick leave. After recovery, he re-joined the company. The Labour department at Entebbe assessed the incapacity and gave an amount of compensation to be given. The assessment has been challenged by our insurance company which provides cover for Workers’ Compensation.

Despite our repeated requests to Mr Kirya John to avail himself to the medical team of the insurance company for re-assessment of the labour office incapacity, he has deliberately refused and has avoided presenting himself to the medical team and absconded from duty.

Instead, he has also preferred to send a legal notice which has been duly replied to by our lawyer.

The statements mentioned in the article are baseless.

2. Joseph Mulema

We would like to state that Mulema Joseph is still under medical treatment and is on sick leave with full salary, so the statement that he is not working with Excel anymore is not true.

When TND News contacted Joseph Mulema about the article, he also confirmed that he is not aware.

3. Kwir Samwir

Kwir Samwir was never employed by us and we don’t know him at all.

4. Kenneth Kirya

Kenneth Kirya suffered an injury in 2019 and he was adequately compensated which he accepted and signed off from work. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, all work had come to halt and many employees were laid off. Subsequently, on resumption of the activities, Kenneth Kirya never came back and we do not know his whereabouts.

5. Moses Isabirye

Moses Isabirye after the injury opted to approach the Labour Court for an assessment of his compensation. Due compensation was awarded and was paid to him and he signed. 

 After collecting his compensation, he opted not to join the company again.

“From the facts above, it’s very clear that the author of the article had not collected factual information on Excel Construction Ltd, and he unilaterally wrote an article which is not factual and is intended to malign the good name of Excel.”

“We would like to re-assure that Excel Construction Ltd is a law abiding company and has never taken any steps which are unlawful or affect the interest of its employees.”

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