Dozens of Omoro pupils abandon schools over attacks by evil spirits 

(Last Updated On: 27 October 2022)

There will be fasting and prayers aimed at saving Omoro schools next month, according to a school official.

By Okot Lil Romeo

Omoro – October 27, 2022: Over seven government-aided primary schools in Omoro district have been abandoned over regular attacks by evil spirits. The Lucifer [evil spirits] targets only female learners.

The attacks by the evil spirits are coming less than two weeks before the commencement of the Primary Leaving Examinations [PLE] across the country.

The Omoro event has brewed fears in learners, parents and teachers with the latter feeling safe to keep their children at home.

Affected schools are Loyola Jonga primary school [a Catholic-founded school], Idure primary school, Acholi Nyek primary school; Genies nursery and primary school, Awalkok primary school, Aketket primary school and Lalogi primary school all found in Omoro district.

Alfred Okumu, the head teacher of Loyoa Jonga primary school confirmed that over 20 learners from the upper classes have been attacked by evil spirits. 

He tells TND News that on September 26, 2022, one girl was locked inside a latrine by Lucifer.


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He added when she was rescued, she was tearful and revealed that the evil spirit came “as a snake”.

Okumu also revealed that the school held a joint meeting with parents and resolved to address the challenges and fight the evil spirits. The school and stakeholders will hold joined fasting prayers from October 30 to November 2, 2022.

From November 3 to 5, there will be a full prayer at the school to destroy the devils and make learning move smoothly.

“This situation has led to a low turn up of pupils who fear more attacks. Most of the affected ones are girls in the upper classes.

 With immediate effect, learning will only be half a day starting from 8 am -1 pm: from 1 pm -5pm a prayer will be held daily.”

The total enrollment is 840 pupils. 433 are boys and 407. A total of 38 candidates at Loyoa Jonga are expected to sit for the PLE next month.

However, other private schools sit under their centre. They are Genies primary school, God Mercy P/S, God Way P/S, Idobo P/S with a combined total of 61 candidates.

Aporomon Betty, a parent to Anena Prosy in P5 who has been attacked by the evil spirit, said the devils attacked her daughter from the school. She lost consciousness and up to now she is not normal, she told TND News.

Patrick Oloya, the LCII of the area, revealed that Lucifer could be dead people who have been killed during the LRA war.

Wokorach Denis, the LC3 councillor of Loyola Jonga parish, also confirmed the devils’ attacks. He noted that this is the first of its kind for the devils to attack schools. 

“Some local communities have been complaining for so long that when they are going back home, some of them are beaten by unknown things.”

Michael Odongkara, the chairman LCIII of Lakwaya sub-county confirmed that over 50 pupils have been attacked by the evil spirits at Idure primary school.

Vincent Oceng Ocen, the DEO of Omoro district confirmed the matter but said the foundation bodies of the affected school should handle the matter through cultural leaders.

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