UPC says the Ebola lockdown is demanding, wants essentials provided

(Last Updated On: 20 October 2022)

Ebola is under control and its spread to other districts has not been reported by the health ministry in weeks.

What to remember:

·        The two districts of Mubende and Kassanda were locked down for 21 days in a bid to control the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease. 

·        Addressing the country on behalf of the government last week, President Museveni also imposed a curfew on the two districts for the same period.

Kampala – October 20, 2022: Uganda Peoples Congress [UPC] party said following the reoccurrence of Ebola in the country, she is applauding the NRM government for following some of their guidelines given through the press statements.

 The party, during its weekly press conference on Wednesday, said this lockdown is demanding as it came on short notice, adding that it calls for the supplies of goods in the said districts.

 Arach Oyat Sharon, the spokesperson said the goods have to be made available on time while keeping a watch on all movements to achieve the objective of containing the Ebola disease. 

 “With the lockdown in place, UPC urges government to provide basic food and essential to residents of the affected districts since they are unable to cross to the neighboring districts to fend for their families as it was done during the two year lockdown of Covid-19,” she added.

 She added that they have noted with concern that diseases and pandemics like cholera, malaria, Ebola and Covid-19 thrive most where there is less attention to sanitation and water.

 At the moment, she said water and soap as well as decent washroom facilities are lacking in some parts of the country, where they are available, they are overworked with increasing population thus exposing and putting the lives of our people at risk. 

 “UPC urges government to step up in training of hygiene, health management and control as well as appealing to the line Ministry of Water and environment to extend clean piped water to the villages across the country as it will reduce the risks of exposing members of the public to such diseases.”  

“In his previous address to the nation on Ebola, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni cautioned and warned the public on resorting to traditional healers in a bid to treat Ebola. Indeed, the disease is beyond the scope of traditional healers!”

“The government is therefore called upon to amplify that message up to the village level and encourage members of the public to strictly stick to Ministry of Health guidelines on the same as it is a matter of life and death regardless of your political affiliation or background. Let us see all these epidemics as a national challenge that needs collective efforts,” she added.

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