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NRM’s Kisembo to spearhead nationwide fundraising meetings for party offices 

(Last Updated On: 18 October 2022)

Kisembo told this publication he is optimistic his request will be granted to do the “noble cause”.

By Our Reporter

Kampala – October 18, 2022: The National Resistance Movement [NRM] party members and supporters will soon start contributing money for the construction of party offices in every district. 

The party, now in power for 36 years and counting is hiring offices for its administrative and mobilization duties across the country.

In recent months and years, reports of nonpayment for party offices in some districts arose. Agitated landlords had to put a padlock on the doors of their houses until payment.

Recently, Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisemboan NRM party member and 2021 contestant for the Buyaga East MP seat wrote to the party’s national chairman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seeking his endorsement to go ahead with the fundraising meetings across the country.

In his letter dated October 4, 2022, and received by the office of the national chairman in Kyambogo, Kisembo wrote: “I feel it is reasonable enough to have Party Offices which will serve our members better, but also act as recruitment centres for new members. Offices also will act as coordination and resource centres for the Party.”

“Consequently, Sir, I hereby request you to allow me and my team to carry out a Resource Mobilization Campaign in all the districts in Uganda. The campaigns will be geared towards raising resources to establish District Party Offices to relieve our Party of renting stress,” he added. 

Kisembo, in his letter, said the events will involve the RDCs, RCCs; NRM District Chairpersons and Administrative Secretaries. “Funds raised will be banked in each District NRM Bank account,” he told the party national chairman who is also the President of Uganda.

Kisembo who also expressed interest to represent Uganda at the East African Legislative Assembly [EALA] in Arusha, Tanzania, is optimistic the party will permit him to do the “noble cause”.

An official at the office of the national chairman, Kyambogo told this publication that soon, a response will be communicated to Kisembo.

Kisembo also copied the same letter to the NRM’s First Vice National Chairman, Secretary General, Regional Vice Chairpersons.


Kisembo who is also the Executive Director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiatives for Development, said, together with his party members who share the same ideology, they are ready to take the NRM party forward. 

The month of November has been earmarked to start the countrywide mobilization and fundraising meetings.

What you should know:

Movement House is a building under construction in Kampala. The building is also referred to as NRM House.

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