UPC advises parents to strive and clear school fees balances 

(Last Updated On: 13 October 2022)

UPC says they are appreciating students and teachers for tremendous work..

By Our Reporter

Kampala – October 13, 2022: Uganda pupils and students in primary and secondary schools will start doing their final examinations in the coming days and weeks. 

As per the timetable released by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), senior four candidates will start their examinations on Friday, October 14 with a “briefing”. The writing of examinations will start in the following few days.

According to UNEB, for example, 1,280,172 candidates were registered to sit the 2022 final papers. Of the figures, at least 370,000 registered for UCE.

2022 has seen a 7.7 per cent increase in the number of candidates doing final exams compared to 2020. 

UCE will get done on November 18, 2022.

Addressing a weekly press conference in Kampala on Wednesday, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party said the “education system was most affected during the lockdowns”.

The party’s spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon said when schools fully resumed it was interrupted by the salary enhancement strikes. 

“To achieve this milestone, parents, candidates and teachers have worked hard under tight schedules with minimum breaks to manage the backlog created during the lockdown and strikes,” she added.

UPC, she added would like to “appreciate the students and teachers for the tremendous work done in studying hard and preparing these students ready for the final examinations respectively”.


Oyat also said with the briefing of S.4 candidates in preparation for their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), exciting as this is, the current standard of living in the country, coupled with skyrocketing prices of essential goods and services, has greatly affected parents and school going children.

She said many are dropping out of school and others barely can afford the school fees for their children. 

“UPC seeks to call upon all stakeholders in the education sector to be more considerate and humane to allow our candidates sit examinations especially those that have been registered but have fees arrears and balances. UPC appeals to parents to strive and clear the balances during or after the examinations to avoid inconveniences during the picking of results.” 

The party urges schools and students to refrain from examination malpractices during this period. On several occasions during the release of examination results, the Ministry of Education announces schools whose results are withheld due to suspected malpractices, according to her. 

“Therefore, with this backdrop we call upon teachers to be vigilant and prepare their students to confidently sit these examinations.”

UPC appeals for more 

The Kampala road-based party is urging the government through the Ministry of Education to;

  1. be more vigilant and prepare in advance for extreme weather patterns, especially in disaster-prone areas and provide emergency alternatives and gazette examination centres, in case of any eventualities during the examination period.
  2. Fight discrimination among teachers especially in terms of payment during the marking process of these examinations, this will help in ensuring the smooth running of the exercise.

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