IGF chief, Jules urges the EU to change its outlook on DRC 

(Last Updated On: 3 October 2022)

The Chief of Service at IGF, Jules, explained the successful implementation of a priori control in the DRC.

By Our Reporter

Kinshasa – Oct. 2, 2022: On Tuesday, September 27, Jules Alingete Key, General Inspector of the IGF (General Inspectorate of Finances) in the Democratic Republic of Congo spoke at the European Parliament in Belgium on corruption and other anti-values.

The European services of the external action, led by Ambassador Bernard Quintin, met with the Chief of Service, Jules Alingete, who urged them to adopt a more positive outlook towards the DRC in light of the efforts they have made in the fight against corruption and other anti-values in the management of public assets and transparency.

During these exchanges, four main themes were elaborated: the state of corruption in the DRC in 2019, strategies and actions taken by the DRC since 2020 to date, the results obtained in terms of good governance and reduction of corruption, as well as future prospects.

The Chief of Service at IGF explained the successful implementation of a priori control in the DRC. Delegates from the European Union supported this strategy, stating that it is the most effective way to restore public finances.

The European Parliament is a forum for political debate and decision-making at the EU level, with voters in each member state electing representatives to support the people’s interest with regard to EU law-making.

Subsequent changes have occurred over the years due to the evolution of European treaties, and the Parliament has acquired substantial legislative and budgetary powers that allow it to define the direction in which the European project is heading.

Through this forum, the Parliament thus seeks to promote democracy and human rights in both Europe and throughout the world. Jules Alingete met with these delegates in hopes of obtaining support from the EU for the IGF.

Following his audience, the Chief of Service at the IGF spoke to the press, saying, “We were pleasantly surprised by all the European services to learn that Belgium and France have been practicing a priori control for more than thirty years. They were surprised that in Congo it has only been one year that we have switched to a priori control, which we refer to as financial patrol.” Juels Alingete continued.

“According to the European Union, a priori control is the most effective way to fight against corruption in public management. The EU has encouraged us to implement this preventive control in all the state enterprises, public institutions, the provinces, and even at the level of the central government. We are very satisfied to hear that, and we have the firm promise of the EU to assist us in the establishment of a permanent a priori control in the DRC to fight effectively against corruption,” he added.

On Wednesday September 28, 2022, Jules Alingete was also invited to the Belgian Federal Parliament to discuss the progress and results achieved in the fight against corruption in the DRC.

These two interventions occur shortly after Jules Alingete received a Forbes Best of Africa Award for Anti-Corruption Best Practice, which clearly shows the efforts that the IGF has been making to execute President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi’s initiative and vision of establishing a nation free of anti-values.

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