24 February 2024


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Details of ‘blocked petition’ to Parliament on migrant workers in UAE

This is the second petition petitioners say has been blocked by security forces from reaching Parlaiment.
Long queue of females enroute to middle east for greener pasture. Sunrise photo.

Long queue of females enroute to The Middle East for greener pasture. A Sunrise photo.

Last Updated on: 1st October 2022, 07:23 am

Thousands of Ugandans are working in the Middle East and the government said it will repatriate some of them.

Kampala – Sept. 30, 2022: Politicians and activists, both local and those in the diaspora have tasked the government of Uganda to repatriate ‘all’ Ugandans who are suffering in the Middle East. Ugandans working in the Middle East are more than 60,000, various reports show.

Many of them have reportedly been tortured, denied pay and sadly, some of them have had their body organs extracted.

On Friday, September 30, TND News received a petition to be sent to Parlaiment of Uganda, putting more pressure on the Legislative House and the government to bring back its citizens.

One of the petitioners said security forces blocked the petition from reaching the intended office, adding that “it should not take the government by surprise”.

“We have shared it globally like we did for the oil pipeline,” a petitioner added.

“This is another petition blocked by security forces that it has failed to reach Parlaiment but EU, International Labour Organizations, US have it.”

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