Blueprint for institutionalization of peace through “2022 Int’l Women’s Peace Group Assembly

The Peace Achievements awards were given to Vice Chair Sholai Lim of the Philippines Federation of Local Councils of Women (PFLCW) in Mindanao.


  • Sharing the achievements of peace activities with women around the world under the theme of “Women’s Cooperation for the Implementation of Sustainable Peace”
  • Positive effect of urging support for the legalization of the “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War” (DPCW)
  • Construction of IWPG Peace Activity Monument in Mindanao, Philippines
  • Creating an opportunity for succession of peace

By Sophia Yeum

Seoul (South Korea) – Sept. 22, 2022:  The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon) held the “2022 International Women’s Peace Group Assembly” online at 8:00 pm (KST) on the 19th. Under the theme of “Women’s Cooperation for the Implementation of Sustainable Peace”, this event was prepared as a place to share the achievements of peace activities with women around the world and to present a blueprint for the institutionalization of peace.

Due to the current conflicts facing the world, voices for the establishment of a new international law are growing. In response, IWPG, together with 105 branches in 132 countries and 500 cooperative organizations, is drawing positive effects by continuously requesting for support from the international community to urge for legalization based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

At this event, it is predicted that many women around the world will cooperate to realize sustainable peace through the sharing of the achievements and case studies of the peace projects conducted in 2022.

Hosting and participating in the 66th UN CSW was presented as the first achievement. IWPG hosted a parallel event in March and co-hosted a side event with the Ministry of Women, Family and Children of Côte Ivoire, drawing the participation of over 200 foreign female figures from around the world, including UN ambassadors and Ministers of Women. In addition, the virtual booth created an opportunity to interact with 1,200 women from 93 countries.

The 4th International Loving Peace Art Competition was also introduced. This competition, held worldwide in May and June, was the practice of “the propagation of a culture of peace” in the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW.

In addition, the announcement of a statement urging the international community to legalize the DPCW in response to the war between Russia and Ukraine was presented as a major achievement. After the announcement of the statement, IWPG held a rally against war in March and delivered a letter to the women leaders in the United Nations, Russia and other countries, calling for an end to the war. IWPG is also running a fundraising campaign to help Ukrainian refugees.

On the 6th, it was discussed that the first “IWPG Peace Activity Monument” was built in Davao de Oro, Philippines in Ayuste Highland Mountain Resort. This monument was built to provide an opportunity to inherit the spirit of peace in Mindanao that was achieved by HWPL, a global peace organization, where the war ended, and peace was achieved by mediating the “Civil Society Peace Agreement” on January 24, 2014. IWPG Publicity Ambassador, Sholai Lim, led the construction of the monument. It is expected to contribute to conveying the value of peace to Filipino women in the future.

Chairwoman Yoon said, “Recently, IWPG sent a letter to female representatives of each country to end the Russia-Ukraine war and asked for them to participate in the “Urging for Cessation of Russian War”.” “It is very meaningful that the statements of women condemning war have been delivered to people from all over the world,” she said as she also emphasized “we are one” to 3.9 billion women around the world.


Then, an online Peace Pledge ceremony was held. At the event, an appointment ceremony was held for the appointment of an IWPG advisory member and publicity ambassadors. Representative Khin Ni Ni Thein from the Myanmar Water Academy of Myanmar was appointed as the advisory committee member.

Founder Nicoline Nwenushi Wazeh Tumasang of Pathways for Women’s Empowerment and Development in Cameroon, Principal Vinutthaput Phophet of Pakkred Secondary School of Thailand were appointed as publicity ambassadors. 

The Peace Achievements awards were given to Vice Chair Sholai Lim of the Philippines Federation of Local Councils of Women (PFLCW) in Mindanao, Board Member Crystal Po Gyaw of the National Young Women’s Christian Association in Myanmar, Commissioner Evelyn Letooane  of the Police of Lesotho in Lesotho, Representative Kum Sun Kim of AIFD KOREA in the Republic of Korea, Deputy Director Jeong Ja Lee of Haneol Literature Museum and Incheon Branch Manager Yanghun Kim of SkyeDaily.

IWPG expected that the legalization of DPCW would accelerate and that 3.9 billion women around the world would unite and work together for peace to realize sustainable peace.

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