Commonwealth SG congratulates Kenya’s President-Elect William Ruto

(Last Updated On: 8 September 2022)

The Supreme Court of Kenya on Monday unanimously upheld Ruto’s win, paving way for his swearing-in on Tuesday, September 13.

London, Sept. 7, 2022:  The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, warmly congratulated Kenya’s President-Elect William Ruto on being declared the duly elected 5th President of Kenya.

“I’m proud of the example of civility, dedication and decorum displayed by the electoral and judicial institutions of Kenya. The commitment of all parties to Kenya’s election resolution procedures and their recognition of the Supreme Court decision is an excellent demonstration of Kenya’s love for the values enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter,” said The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Kenya’s Supreme Court ruling on the presidential election is an example of “due process being followed and the rule of law prevailing,” said the Secretary-General.

The Secretary-General encouraged the country to unite and move forward together as one country, one democracy, with an accountable government and a responsible opposition.

She also commended William Ruto and Raila Odinga for honouring the commitment they made for peace and respect for the rule of law at the Marlborough House Dialogues in February 2022.

“I celebrate deputy President-Elect Ruto and former Prime Minister Odinga for their statesmanship and show of respect for the country’s democratic institutions.

“I united myself to the feelings expressed by the Deputy Chief Justice when she noted that we must be mindful that many Kenyans will today be upset that their candidate has lost. I urge continued magnanimity by the victors, and acceptance of the judgment by those who wanted a different outcome”, the Secretary General said.

“In due course, the Supreme Court will issue its full judgment, in which it will offer recommendations for reform. The Commonwealth stands ready to assist in whatever way is deemed helpful, and I am certain that the findings and recommendations of the Commonwealth Observer Group will be of huge assistance to help Kenya continue walking the democratic path,” she said.

The Secretary General thanked the President of Kenya, HE Uhuru Kenyatta, for his stewardship of the country since 2013 and called on him to become a beacon of peace and unity in the region and across the Commonwealth.

She also thanked wholeheartedly the Commonwealth Election Observer Group led by the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Hon Bruce Golding. The Group’s final report will be shared with the government, stakeholders, and the people of Kenya.

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