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Deputy PM Nakadama mourns Gen. Tumwine, asks men to give freedom to their wives 

(Last Updated On: 28 August 2022)

Nakadama has mourned Gen. Tumwine and environmentalist, Eriyo.

By Nelly Otto 

Jinja, August 28, 2022: The Third  Deputy Prime Minister Hajjat Isanga Nakadama has paid glowing tribute to the former bush war hero Gen Elly Tumwine for what she described as “immense contributions he made in the liberation of Uganda from dictatorship and the rule of tyranny”.

Tumwine was one of the 27 NRA (now UPDF) historical fighters that waged a five-year popular protracted armed struggle that ousted the short-lived military junta of Gen Tito Okello-Lutwa in January 1986.

She was this weekend speaking at the official closing ceremony of a five-day Greater Busoga Women Entrepreneurs Conference and Exhibition at PMM Girls in Jinja, organized by Busoga Business Community (BBC), a consortium of women-led enterprises.

Nakadama who doubles as the Mayuge District Woman MP also commended former Environment Minister Jessica Eriyo who died a few days ago as one of the leaders whose contributions will always be remembered.

“…this week our country is in mourning following the loss of our comrades (Gen Tumwine and Eriyo) who have played a fundamental role in transforming our community and country at large…” Nakadama said as a moment of silence was observed.

Addressing the audience that comprises more women, the deputy premier asked men in Busoga to encourage and motivate their wives who are doing business to fight household poverty.

Her plea was after several speakers including the Anglican Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese Rt. Rev. Patrick Wakula reported that there are still some husbands who do not want their women to engage in any income activity for fear that they will be taken away by other men.

“…a woman adds value to the family and community, so men should allow them to tap into the numerous opportunities to supplement the family income and fight poverty…” she said.

Reports said most women are stopped or restricted from engaging with others through capacity-building meetings and training aimed at their empowerment, while some men do not want women to have a side income.


It was also observed that some men only sit and wait to grab the hard-earned money made by their wives and blow them away in reckless lifestyles or by marrying additional wives.

The soft-speaking teacher cum politician from Mayuge emphasized the need to have a mindset change to believe and be innovative as opposed to sinking in self-pity.

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Willy Ogwal displays his certificate.

“We can redeem our livelihoods from poverty to wealth, we can inspire ourselves that yes we can, we can be the entrepreneurs that we have always admired,” she said, alluding to the widely held myth that Busoga is one of the poverty-stricken regions in the country.

Cognizant that over 70% of economically active women in Busoga work in agriculture as producers, Nakadama noted that rural women are still worse off in terms of productivity and earnings than men.

With apparent reference to the message hyped by her boss President Yoweri Museveni, the third deputy premier encouraged the women in the region to embrace the highly publicized PDM program that has been rolled out, adding it’s backward to deal in farming entirely just for subsistence.

The Executive Director of BBC Gabula Daniel Kyankone together with the Women’s League Chairperson Mary Mbabazi Bagalana Bagenda assured the exhibitors that the event will be held annually.

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