900 older persons in Karamoja receive cash, food relief 

(Last Updated On: 26 August 2022)

Hundreds of older persons in Karamoja have died due to a lack of food in recent months.

By Hopestar Owiny

August 26 2022: 900 older persons in the hunger-stricken Karamoja have received donations.

The relief cash and food were given under a project dubbed Response to Hunger among Older Persons in Karamoja.

The project was implemented by HelpAge International Uganda in collaboration with Karamoja Agro-Pastrol Development Programme (KADP); a local non-profit making nongovernmental organization operating in Moroto, Nakapiripirit and Napak districts.

The two organisations responded to the needs of older persons affected by hunger in the districts of Napak and Moroto.

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The project started with inception meetings with the district leadership of Napak and Moroto on the 17th and 18th of August 2022.

After the meetings, local leaders agreed that priority should be given to older persons living with disability and those that have many dependents.

Leaders also agreed that those that are not currently benefiting from SAGE Programme, and those that have chronic illnesses should benefit.

Relief distribution started from 22 to 26 August in the areas of Rupa, Katikile and Tapac, respectively.


Each beneficiary was given cash of shs30,000 and a food package containing 10kgs of posho, 10kgs of beans and 1kg of salt.

Emily Kemigisha, Uganda Country Representative of HelpAge International told TND News in a WhatsApp message that she is excited that they have met the targeted beneficiaries.

Kemigisha said the relief aid was limited to only 900 most vulnerable older persons. “We however call upon the government and other development partners to include older persons in their programming.”

She noted that most older persons usually miss out on general relief support if not specifically targeted, adding that this is because of barriers related to their limited mobility and information gaps.

“They miss out on communication and they have challenges in walking long distances to access distribution points.”

The 900 elderly people have more than 2,000 dependents of whom are mostly orphaned and vulnerable children, according to the HelpAge International Country Representative.

“Support given by HelpAge International will therefore also benefit thousands of people in the targeted areas.”

Hunger has reportedly killed hundreds of people in Karamoja and development partners and well-wishers have responded to the crisis as the sub-region is still waiting for additional aid from the government.

Two months ago, the government allocated shs135b to help respond to hunger crisis.

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