FUFA Drum: Corruption, deceit top Lango Province management

(Last Updated On: 15 August 2022)

A political leader has come out to join players in castigating Lango FUFA Drum officials against dishonesty, corruption, and inhumanity to mankind.

By Aceng Patricia Amne

Lira – August 15, 2022: The third edition of the Federation of Uganda Football Association’s provincial tournament [FUFA Drum] is back. The ‘drum’ has returned with controversy, corruption, deceit, and defenselessness, especially for the Lango team.

On July 30, Lango Province hosted Ankole Province at the Akii Bua memorial stadium in Lira city in a match that ended in a stalemate. Days later, players started decrying the state of management and low pay.

From low pay, it is now poor pay, TND Sports understands. 

The players have now expressed fears and uncertainty that they may not be part of the August 20 second leg clash against Ankole Province. The second meeting is scheduled to take place at Kagongo ground, Ibanda Town council.  

While meeting a team of media personalities in a presser at Space Lounge, Lira city, the enraged players allegedly accused top FUFA drum management of corruption, dishonesty, and intimidation after demanding payment for their hard work.

Ivan Okello who is the team captain of Lango Province reveals that out of the total number of 22 players who participated during the first leg match; only 10 were remunerated disparately with different figures. This, he says, payments were made through mobile money.

Emmanuel Odongkara, the vice-captain said his expectations with the players were turned down and they were left demoralized for the next fixture.

“Amidst tight and thorough preparations, they promised us shs1 million per person but to my surprise, when I frequently contacted Obote Dan Kagere, an executive committee member he could not pick up calls,” he said.

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Odonkara also told the press conference that when he insisted to know if all the players had received their pay, Kagere claimed those were their shares.


An insider who preferred anonymity revealed that a sum of shs63m was the figure that was collected from tickets. “10,000 tickets were sold at shs5, 000, 1,000 tickets went at shs10, 000 whereas 100 tickets were selling at shs30, 000.”

So, he wondered why the officials could not effect payment of only shs22m.

By the time TND Sports went to the press, it could not verify the rates at which the above tickets were sold.

Charles Opio Olol, a councilor, and secretary of finance, planning, and administration in Lira City East Division also a professional coach noted that it is absurd and inhumane to be corrupt. “I am tirelessly working to end this in my mandate.”

Olol threatened to drag Dan Obote Kagere to court should he fail to account for the monies they collected and pay off the players.

He castigated Lango FUFA Drum officials against dishonesty, corruption, and inhumanity to mankind.

Dan Obote Kagere, also the regional coordinator for Northern Uganda was contacted but could not independently defend himself.

In the last edition of the tournament, Lango Province’s top management was also cited for corruption, among other sports vices. Nobody legally tried them!

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