Jinja City Mayor, Kasolo vows to castrate big-headed, arrogant civil servants

(Last Updated On: 13 August 2022)

Jinja, now a city, was among the first urban authorities to benefit from the World Bank-funded project which expires on 31 December 2023.

By Nelly Otto

Jinja – August 13, 2022: The Mayor of Jinja City Mayor Peter Alton Kasolo Okocha has warned civil servants against undermining the politicians who were voted into office to ensure the constituents get the resultant service delivery.

Kasolo ascended to the City mayoral parlor during the 2021 NUP wave that swept Central Uganda and part of Busoga lost his cool, accusing the civil servants in Jinja of being “arrogant and big-headed”.

“…some of you mistakenly think you are the only knowledgeable guys because of being referred to as technical staff but everyone has a role, so be humble and cooperate…,’ he fumed.

Referencing a past demeaning statement attributed to one consultant who reportedly said he would not waste time discussing with ‘chapatti sellers,’ Kasolo described it as unfortunate because even bush war hero President Yoweri Museveni chooses to work with the ‘fishermen’.

This was during the first Stakeholders’ Site Meeting for the rehabilitation of four [4] kilometers of roads in Jinja City under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) which was originally designed to enhance the institutional performance of 14 municipalities to improve urban service delivery.

Jinja, now a city, was among the first urban authorities to benefit from the World Bank-funded project which expires on 31 December 2023.

Currently, Jinja City is implementing the third and last phase of the project being undertaken by Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd as contractor and Professional Engineering Consultants in a joint venture with UB Consulting Engineering Ltd.

During the meeting, Kasolo, alongside his Speaker Bernard Mbayo plus a handful of councilors gate crashed because they were not invited, wondered why civil servants at the City Hall always prefer to work in isolation.

“…true you can deploy machinery on the roads, but it’s also very easy for me and councilors whom you are despising now to go out and tell the wananchi who voted us that we don’t know what is taking place…,” Kasolo threatened, sending the Chambers into total silence.

Mbayo interjected saying some civil servants at the City Hall mistakenly undermine politicians as people with questionable education and do not deserve to be part of the project.

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“…maybe we have not gone to school as it is assumed but remember we have been voted into these officers by the residents which must receive these services, so we are the best people to mobilize them to appreciate…,’ the FDC councilor said.


The meeting was resuscitated after an apology from the chairman of the day Eng. John William Byaruhanga promised that all stakeholders would be involved to ensure the success of the project.

“…I want to assure you that this mistake won’t be repeated, we are generating a list of all key stakeholders who will always be part of our regular engagements…,” the soft-speaking Byaruhanga said.

Physical works on the roads Clive and Clark, Bell Avenue East and West, completion of Busoga Avenue that leads to State lodge and drainage works plus traffic signaling (traffic lights) have been delayed because of design reviews being done by FPEC.

Byaruanga who heaped praises on Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd as one of the best civil engineering companies assured the officials that the project will be completed in record time on 13 June 2023.

According to Jinja City Engineer David Eremye, work on Busoga Avenue kicks off next week as they await the completion of the design review which will be concluded by the end of August.

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